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Simple Challenge Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

Ready for another month of simple living habit creation?

Welcome to the beginning of month 4!

Want to see what we have been up to for the last 3 months?

I am so excited to be starting April!  I understand that winter has beauty and that there are lots of outdoor sports to do during the winter… but I just don’t like winter.  I was born and raised in Canada… and I am still a big cold weather wimp.

So the start of April is cause to celebrate!

Ready to do some cleaning and saying ‘good-bye’ to winter?

(for those of you reading on the other side of the globe, or if you live in a wonderful place that doesn’t have much winter, feel free to change the challenge to apply to you as well)

Whether you have simple closets or not, the winter season is a bulky closet season.  Coats, sweaters, hats, mitts…. and that doesn’t even include trying to find a place for kids snow plants or big boots.   With all the clothes in winter it seems like almost twice the closet is needed.

But not anymore!

It is time to clean out all the bulk and transform the closet into a cute colorful world of flowing dresses and short sleeved shirts.

We moved to the other side of the world but we are still at about the same latitude as we were in Nebraska, so we still need to keep some sweaters around.  But there are still lots of changes that can be made.

Simple living, common sense, and happy organizing says –

Only keep what you are currently using in your closet.

What this means for me is to reorganize between storage and my closet about every 3 months.  (this works great if you are participating in Project 333 because they go on the 3 month rotations as well).

This week I will move out the coats, hats, gloves, and some warmer clothes and put in some warmer weather clothes.  This will give me a few outfits for cooler days and some for warmer days.

In the winter I had 3 sweaters, now I probably only need 1.  On the warmer side, I need a few short sleeved shirts for the warmer spring days but I don’t need all of them yet.

When I go through my clothes this week I will make sure I have clothes for 4-5 days of warm weather and 4-5 days of cooler weather.  (however 1 sweater could pull 2-3 of my warmer days to cooler days easily).  Get the idea?  

If you haven’t already simplified your closet take a look at what you need between laundry days.  How many outfits do you need?  How many undergarments do you need?  What are the pieces in your closet that go with everything and what pieces (like shoes or accessories) can only go with 1 or 2 outfits?

Once you figure out what you want in your closet for the spring don’t let anything else get in!

Then sort your winter bulky clothes between:

  • nice, like, fits good, – store
  • worn, doesn’t fit, duplicate/extra items, didn’t wear much – either sell, donate, or throw away

There you go!  Have fun!  Enjoy the lighter closet 🙂

oh, and don’t forget to go through your shoes.  They change with seasons and take up a bunch of space.


  1. I keep meaning to try Project 333 and putting it off. Maybe this transition is the time to do it. I am so excited for Spring, even though the weather still feels like Winter here.

    I will have to follow your advice for the mixture of Winter/Spring clothes mixture. Do you box up your winter clothes to save for next winter? I am thinking of getting an under the bed box for the out of season clothes.


    • yes, we store out of season clothes under our bed 🙂

  2. Valerie Valerie

    Being a little further north most of this will have to wait until the last week of April. I wore my down coat and winter hat today when I went out! Snow boots and snowpants can probably go into storage this week.

    I have a walk up attic to store seasonal items in. Unfortunately it is packed with 20 years of clutter. The attic will be a very long term project for us since the rest of the house will take priority.

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