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Simple Challenge Week 2

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Welcome back to the Simple Living Challenges!

Week 2 of the month is a fun week, a week where we can focus on growing and adding instead of focusing on all the excess.

Week 2 is the week we focus on learning and personal growth.

This is the week we can nurture the part of who we are that is different than everyone else, really find our individuality.

Ready for a specific growth challenge?

This week I challenge you to:

Find a creative outlet

(it can be artistic, musical, or physical)

Maybe you have always been creative, art was always your favorite subject, you write poetry in your sleep, and your wardrobe looks more like a rainbow than a black and white photo.  If this is you, congratulations, carry on 🙂

However, if you are like me – favorite class in school was math, never understood fashion, afraid of color, and terrified to dance in public… than this challenge might be a really good (also hard) growing experience for you.

Growing up I always fit into the analytical group instead of the creative group. I thought it was me, what I was good at, and all I could do.  Classes like art, English, and even P.E. I dreaded.  If I was going to do a class, I wanted to make sure I knew the right answer.

  • ‘2+2 = 4’ Correct!  Hand it in and forget about it.
  • ‘Write a creative 5 line poem’ …and there is no way to know what the right answer is.  How do I know if I did it right?  Should I try again?  Work harder? Change the last line?  How do I know when it is finished?

See what I mean?

..and then your creativity, which is very personal, is graded by someone else with a different idea of creativity.  For someone who just wanted to get through school with good grades and get out this was not for me.

It is amazing how ideas from childhood can become ideas about ourself that last through our whole lives.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I first started thinking I should try more creative things.  Painting in brighter colors, wearing (a few) brighter colors, creating more art, and making more music.  (I play the guitar and am trying to learn the piano.  I am trying to find one or both to have in our apartment in China so the kids and I can continue our music).

Starting to understand that I can be creative, no one is grading me, it shares my personality and that not everyone has to enjoy it has been very freeing!

Okay, enough about me.

What do you want to try?

  • Paint a room a bright color or free hand some painted art on the wall
  • Sign up for an art class
  • Spend some time making music
  • Look into some creative physical classes

If you are really new to the creative area:

  • Listen to different music – either old, or from a different culture
  • Wear bright lipstick for a day or two

Here is what am I going to try this week:

  1. I have been wanting to try out some traditional Chinese dance.  I think it happens on our campus every evening and I have been waiting till it is warm enough to go out with Lily
  2. Last week I learned how to make traditional Chinese dumplings with a friend.  This week I want to practice and see if I can do it on my own and maybe come up with some different filling ideas.
  3. Thursday night I have a friend taking me to her family’s music store where I hope I can find a guitar or piano that is not too expensive to use while we are in China.

Alright, go have fun!

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  1. My husband is a professionial musician and I have to say I spend my days feeling like a creative flop. I try to tell myself it doesn’t have to be of professional quailty if I enjoy it. I have been knitting a scarf since December- slow and steady I guess 🙂

    Good luck with your Chinese dance! My BIL brought me back a really pretty sari from India. I have yet to wear it as most of my clothes are grey.


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