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Simple Challenge Week 4

Simple Living Minimalist Challenges - organizingImage: by antpkr

Welcome to Week 4.  I am really excited to say that it is week 16 of the Simple Challenges!  If you started in January with us, you have been simplifying for 4 months already!

That is some progress!

Where are you at? What is different?

  • Are you thinking different?
  • Does your house look different?  
  • Has it made a difference to your stress level?

The really exciting thing is that you are making habits!

Habits for simple living works like exercise does for increasing your metabolism.

When you exercise, it is good for your body and you lose weight BUT the more you exercise the more your metabolism is strengthened to help you lose weight while you sit around reading books or sleeping. (though probably irrelevant to this post, here is a source)

Simple Living Habits work the same!

When you start making Simple Living habits it affects your whole life and not just the time you spend actually ‘simplifying’.

  • It will affect your cleaning, maybe you will realize you don’t want to put something away and instead decide to get rid of it.  
  • It will affect your shopping, maybe you will decide to purchase less
  • It will affect your time, maybe you will decide to take on less activities
  • It will affect your growth, maybe you will make time for things you find value in

These things will start happening all week long, even when you aren’t trying to simplify!

Now, I am sure you might think…

um… this isn’t rocket science

…and no, it isn’t.  However, just like we know exercising will help us feel better all day and increase our metabolism all day it is still hard to keep doing it.

What makes the difference is focusing on what we have accomplished and realizing that the ball is already rolling.

You have success already, just keep moving!

The challenge for this week is 2 parts:

  1. Celebrate your progress
  2. Tell someone else about your progress

It is amazing how much difference it makes to hear yourself telling other people about the difference simple living makes to your life.  I had an interview earlier this week, and just explaining our story over the last few years gave me new enthusiasm.  Sure, I know what I am doing, but to put it into words makes a big difference.

You can write it too.  I love blogging because it keeps me accountable 🙂

Just getting started with Simple Living?

It is a great time to get started!

This is a habit and not a destination.  A habit of changing from what society tells you is success and what advertisers tell you to buy. Feel free to go through the past challenges, past posts, our story, or other blogs I follow.  I wrote the book Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life‘ specifically for people just starting to simplify.

It is never too early or too late to simplify your life so you have time and room for what really matters!

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  1. Thanks for doing these challenges, Lorilee. I have had so many people ask how to get started simplifying. I think the biggest thing is, that people become perfectionists about it. You know, if I can’t have 100 possessions or less, I might as well not even try. It’s important to realize that even a little simplifying–baby steps–go a long way!

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