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Simple Challenge Week 4

Simple Living Minimalist Challenges - organizingImage: by antpkr

Welcome to The Simple Living Weekly Challenges!

Wanting to make some changes toward simple living?  Thinking about adopting some minimalist living ideas?  Feeling like you need more than just organizing?

You’re in the right place

Every Monday of the month we do different challenges that help us get closer to a life that will benefit us, we can enjoy, allows us to contribute

… and doesn’t weigh us down

Every week of the month has a different theme, but week 4 might just be the most important.

Simple Living Challenges – Dreaming and Planning

It is very hard to move toward a target if you don’t know what it is.  It is like taking a trip when you don’t know where you are going.

  • What will you pack?
  • When should you leave?
  • How should you travel?

None of these questions make any sense unless the destination is known.

And the same works with Simple Living

It isn’t enough to say ‘I want a simpler life’.  It might help a bit, and you might clean a few bags of clothes out of the closet, but you won’t get to a destination… because you never decided on one.

It is the dreaming, the planning, and ‘picturing it in your mind’ (by yourself, or with your family) that is most important.  When you are clear on a goal, and everyone is in agreement, then you can make steps to get there.  It also gives you motivation.

Today’s Challenge

For today’s challenge I want you to dream and plan how much space you really need as a person/family.

Think about:

  • What you use your living space for?
  • How often you use different rooms?
  • How many people are usually in the space?
  • If some spaces could be used in multiple ways?
  • When you use a room, do you use all of it or just a corner?

Maybe the idea of moving is not an option for you (or you really aren’t interested) but this is still a very important exercise.  It challenges your way of thinking and how you see your living space. 

If moving is an option for you, do you really need to move up?  Most people think you should always move to bigger houses, but it doesn’t mean it is best for you.  Is it the space you have that is causing you to feel cramped or is it your stuff in the space?

Want a harder challenge?  What if you tried living in only a part of your house for a week (or a month)?  it is a great way to find out what it would be like.

If you could live in a smaller space, what would it look like?

Think, talk, and have a great week!


  1. Kim Stewart Kim Stewart

    Aha! Perfect timing for this weeks post. I’ve been half-heartedly de cluttering. I’ve been reading, planning, dreaming, just not doing. Up until last ,Friday I had been doing home daycare in my house, the stack of toys, piles of coloring books, puzzles and games was such an eye-sore I would throw my arms and give up with the thought of some day. Finally I decided to close my day care, the stress was just too much. I only did the daycare for just over year, I’ll leave that whole story for another time 🙂 ANYWAYS, the day care is officially closed (deep breath). We have been living in an area of Montana I can’t stand due to my husbands jobs. He is comfortable and happy with his pay so he is not in any rush to change. I need to declutter and start moving this household to a much more simplistic life so he can see we don’t need much at all. We both dream of living back near the mountains , I know we can do it even sooner if we just scale back. The start has to come from me I know and I am more than excited to get started, especially because when the daycare closed Friday I threw some backpacks in the car grabbed the family and dogs, and drove to the beautiful mountains we hope to call home sooner than later. We just got home late last night so I am more than motivated 🙂
    Thank you for all your motivating posts and keeping us updated on your life in China, it’s very encouraging for those of ready for change 🙂

  2. We use about half of our house on a regular basis. This is a great challenge!

  3. Cheryl S. Cheryl S.

    I work a corporate 9 hour a weekday job from home and just have a few minutes for personal reading on the internet before I start in the AM…*So* I copied and pasted today’s questions on a blank page and printed to do at lunch!

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