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Simple Challenge – Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

Getting down and dirty today.


Have an old box laying around that you can use to ship some things out of the house?  Grab it!

Every Monday we have a simple challenge, each week of the month has a specific theme — this week is week 1 which means.

Something is leaving the house

Either by donating … or by trash, it’s sad, but lots of the ‘stuff’ we hold onto really doesn’t have much value to anyone else but us.

Ok, grab the box and lets go!

A box is better than a bag today…

… it might be a bit of a sensitive spot for some people… but lets head to the

shoe closet

Note: Some of you may be wondering what the big deal is with the shoe closet.  Maybe you have 2 pairs of ‘trusty’ shoes and they are never lost or spilling out of the closet.  If this is you, you can use your box to clean out another area of the house.

If you know exactly what I am talking about .. then lets get to work.

I hate how extra shoes manage to fill up the closet so fast.  Extra t-shirts or socks can be stacked cute in drawers or baskets, but there isn’t good ways to store shoes.  Sure, there are shoe organizers, but they take up all kinds of space as well.

The hard, cold truth is that shoes take up a bunch of space no matter how they are stored, … and, for the most part, aren’t always that necessary.

Taking up space, hard to organize, and not necessary makes them a prime candidate for simplifying/minimalist-ifying.  

How many shoes do you need?  How many shoes do you need in your closet this season?  Where do they need to be stored so you can access them when you need them?

All these are questions I can’t answer for you.  All of us live in different areas and do different jobs, so I don’t think anyone can say ‘you only need these 2 pairs of shoes….’

However, at the same time, most of us have more pairs than we really need.

My shoe history…

During the 2 years I was simplifying my shoe count slowly dropped.  I started with about 13 pairs: 3 boots – snow, black, brown, heels-3 different heights of black, 4 flats-brown, sparkly, garden shoes and flip-flops, 2 running shoes – older, and newer, and slippers.

Slowly I got rid of the pairs that I didn’t wear, or that were getting old/beat up, or really hurt my feet.  I even left a pair of shoes at the beach in Oregon.  

Then before we left for China I got rid of my black boots because they would take up way to much space in the luggage.

Now I have 4 pairs

Running shoes (the same older pair I had years ago because they are so comfortable), flip-flops, brown flats, and black flats.

My 13 pairs fit my life before and the 4 pairs fit my life now. 

I have never been a shoe person, and I never thought I would need to simplify my shoes, but as life got smaller so did my shoe count.

I don’t want this to be about a specific number, I share with you what I am doing as an example.

What I want for you is a functional, organized, and simple closet.  The shoes you need, and maybe a few that you really love.

The rest need to go!

Have fun sorting!

Note: I never thought shoes would be much of a donation item, but used clothing stores like Goodwill take them.  Much better then just throwing them away 🙂


  1. Hmmm, I think I will donate some cloths today! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Claudia Claudia

    Love your simple challenge, because if you had suggested “closet” or even “clothes” I would have been too overwhelmed to start! Shoes. Now I can do that! 🙂

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