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Simple Living Challenge – Week 3

Organization - Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Today is the last day for the giveaway from last week.  A beautiful necklace made by some amazing women.  

Welcome to Simple Living Challenge week 3!

Week 3 is the week we do organizing of things we want to keep in our life, or sell more valuable things we no longer need.

Today we have an easy challenge, but one that will make daily life easier.

Let’s get started!

Simple Living Challenge – The Linen Closet

When I was simplifying our house a few years ago this was an area I was shocked at my excess.  When I pulled the towels and sheets out of the few different storages spots in our house they became a HUGE pile in my living room.

Somewhere along the line I had collected way to many towels.  … they seem like an item you can’t have to many of –  for company or odd jobs or water spills... but I sure didn’t need the mountain I had.

If I remember correctly I got rid of 2 big garbage bags of towels and sheets to a local charity.

That made a huge difference on closet space!

Face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, sheets (for different sized beds), pillow cases, extra blankets.  … these things can start taking up a lot of extra storage space in the house.  It was space I knew we wouldn’t have in our new small apartment, and probably space you could use for something better as well.

How many of these items do you need?

Probably depends on how often you do your laundry, how many people in your house, how many guests regularly come and stay, and how many extra’s you feel like you need to have on hand.

If you have easy access to laundry at home you probably don’t need many extra.  If you have towels for occasional guests or beach towels, these can probably be your extra towels (in case of an emergency) and you may not need to keep other extras around.

Sheets – for a while we kept an extra set of sheets for each bed, but after simplifying more we donated these as well.  It only takes a few hours to wash sheets in the laundry and we never needed our extras.

What do you think?

The linen closet can get very full and hard to manage, but most of the content may be things you can give away.

  • How many of each item do you need on a regular basis?
  • Are there other items in the linen closet you don’t need either?

Need More of a Challenge?

Head into the bathroom and go through all your bottles (soaps, make-up, lotions etc).  I do this often to clean out things we no longer use, things that have gotten too old, or mostly empty bottles that have fallen to the back.

Have fun!


  1. Towels and blankets that don’t seem good enough to be donated to a charity for human use might be accepted by an animal shelter. Also, if you have the room to keep them, they make great re-usable cleaning rags (vs buying sponges).

  2. Sorry, I hit “send” too soon. Meant to also add that you are so brave, having no extra sheets. I do like that one back-up! Also, great post 🙂

  3. I love this challenge and it is very liberating when you take the plunge and start selling the things we realise have been lying around our home unused for years (and actually coming with us from one move to another). I delivered a simple challenge like this to my readers a few weeks ago and they found it quite beneficial too. To date old academic journals and endless pairs of unused and painfully high shoes have made it to ebay, by which nearly £600 has been made!

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