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Simple Stories – Lily (my daughter)

Lily winter at the park -- Simple Living UpdateA few weeks ago my daughter asked if she could post on my site.  She is so cute and is becoming quite a writer herself.  Her thoughts come out random… but that is the beauty of childhood and I left the post in her words.  Here is Lily!

Simple Stories – Lily

Hi, my name is Lily.

I am 9 years old and like simple living. (Note, one reason I like it is because it is much easier to clean when we live simply.)

I am going to write about what I do for fun.

Here we go.

I have very little toys and brought even less to China when we moved here to live for a year. I stored a couple toys, sold a bunch of toys, and gave away a bunch of toys.

After storing, selling and giving away, I had left:

  • 1 toy kitten
  • Legos
  • three stuffed animals
  • barbies

That’s nonelectric stuff.

I share two electronics with my brother:

  • I-pad
  • Kindle

Then we packed into a couple suitcases and moved here for the year.

Don’t think I am bored without toys. I don’t use them often. I play outside, sing, dance to music, read, and play imaginary games. See! I hardly have any toys and I am NOT bored. I have fun playing with friends and chatting on Skype too. I have plenty of fun without toys and I never use the ones I have, except the occasional stuffed hamster game.

Here is a picture of my favorite toys:


Simple Stories Lily - Hammy and Carmel

Hammy is the red hamster and Caramel is the black bear. Hammy looks ridiculously funny no matter what you do. And that is a benefit. It is a benefit because then you can change how funny he looks. I call it different kinds of funny. I think him ridiculously funny anyway you put it.

When We Started Simplifying

When we first started simplifying I was all about every part except that I would no longer have my own bedroom. We sold the blow-up pool, lots and lots of toys, tools, cooking utensils, and more.

Ian and I got the money from the toys, about $59 dollars I think. We still had a lot of toys and stuff. It was still a pain to clean up and it was hard to share a room with my brother.SONY DSC

The next time we simplified we got rid of a lot more things and me and my brother had no room, we slept in the living room and shared the futon – a couch that flattens out into a bed. It was small and thin and I was tall, resulting in my feet hanging of the end of the bed. So me and Ian took turns sleeping on the floor so I could have my feet stretched out as far as I wanted. It worked good that way.

Then we moved here to China. It is fun, except for the weird way they fill pastry. They mix beans with sugar and mash them and put them in good smelling tarts. They smell delicious and taste weird.

They have pizza, but it is expensive for the good stuff. The bad pizza has sweet crust. If I could have any food in the world, it would be black olives. Mmmmm…it makes me hungry just thinking about them. Wait, am I talking about food? Yes.

Lets get back to the real subject, simple living.

I enjoy China, but still miss seeing white people like me. Once we went to Beijing and I was mostly saying, “Listen, I hear English!” to my mom, excited because I had not heard American accent in a very long time.

What ever the reason, I like simple living.


Bio: Lily is my amazing 9 year old girl that has lived through all our craziness.  She has visited 2 provinces in Canada, all but 12 of 50 of the states in the USA and now lives in China.  She is brilliant and is creating her own school curriculum for the summer.  You can read about her new school plans at her blog.  If you have kids (or like reading kids stories) you can check out her children’s books on amazon.  She wrote the Hammy Character Series (4 part series) and is now working on a mystery series about Chippy the Chipmunk.

Two of Lily’s books are free for the next 5 days

Grab Hammy Learns Self-Control for younger kids or Chippy and the Golden Lion for 8-10 year olds.

Thanks for writing an awesome post for your mom Lily!  Your mom is super proud of you!  


  1. Dwayne Dwayne

    I love your article, lily!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lily! My daughter has enjoyed simple living as well. She has lived on a boat in the summers and is getting ready to move across the country and live in a boat all year. She has a lot of the same toys that you have. 🙂

    Keep up with the writing!

  3. Raye Cage Raye Cage

    Bravo Lily! Don’t stop writing. I think its cool that you are creating your own curriculum for the summer.

  4. Laura Laura

    Lily, you are an amazing girl! You could teach so many kids a lot! At the young age of 9, you know that possessions are the least important thing in life. For more important are people. Family. Love. Imagination.

    Keep writing- spread your wisdom- don’t lose sight of who you are.

  5. Lily, I love your story! You’re an awesome writer. Congratulations to you for writing books for other children! Please keep writing. 🙂

  6. Christine Christine

    Excellent writing! I love your honesty. My nine year old daughter enjoyed reading your article as well! Keep writing!

  7. Katie Katie

    I love this, very impressive writing!!! I think it is great that you have the simple living concept at age 9. Keep writing!!!!

  8. MarieG MarieG

    You and your family are such an inspiration to mine! It is you and your brother that made me realize that my son can be happier with less! Thank you for writing!

  9. Nancy Nancy

    Very nice post Lily you are a good writer. I love the pictures of you and your stuffed animals. Have a wonderful summer in China. If you would like to talk to someone in English you’re welcome to Skype me or call me on FaceTime.

  10. Lindsay Lindsay

    Thank you for your article and for your free books, Lily! 🙂 My children love to read and the oldest (age 10) loves to write, too. We are preparing to move to Thailand, and will only move with our suitcases. Your books will be a treat to take along since they take up no room! 😉 Thank you again, and keep writing!!

  11. Michala Michala

    Wow Lily, your Mum must be so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your very inspirational thoughts on simple living. You write very well and very honestly.

  12. Grandpa Ed Grandpa Ed

    Dear Lily,
    Thanks so much for the detail account of simple living from a wonderful nine year old view. Have a great Summer.

  13. Lily, you seem like such an incredible girl, and wise to recognize the good in living simply! I think I would have given my parents a really hard time! I lived in China for a while, and I actually learned to like the bean paste buns! I really, really, missed tacos, though! 🙂 When you move back to the states, I bet it will seem strange to be surrounded by white people speaking English!

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