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Simple Living Challenge – Week 3

Organization - Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Welcome to the Simple Living Challenges week 3.

Every Monday we have a challenge and every week of the month has a theme.

Week 3 is for organizing and getting rid of bigger (or more valuable) items from our house.

This week we have a big challenge…

…are you ready?

Simple Living Challenge – The Bedroom

Last week I did some major work on my bedroom and I was reminded how much this little area of the house makes to our emotional well-being.

Often, we focus on the living room or other areas of the house guests will see when we declutter.  But the bedroom, where no one else should see, gets overflow ‘stuff’ and overlooked.

While it is good to declutter all areas of the house and we have much less ‘guest panic’ when these areas are clean, we can’t forget the space closest to us – the bedroom.

The Challenge

Get as much stuff out of your bedroom as possible.

Pretty simple right?

The bedroom needs a bed, but other than that everything is negotiable.  

Think about these things:

  • Can you keep clothes in your closet instead of in a dresser (especially if you have simplified your wardrobe)?
  • Can you share a dresser with your spouse (if applicable) or get a smaller one?
  • Do you need a bookshelf, or an end table, or a chair, or a lamp?  Do you really need it or use it?
  • What about the walls, can you take things you don’t love off them?
  • What is on the floor? Can you put it away or get rid of it?
  • Can you clean out top drawers on any remaining pieces of furniture and keep the items you would usually keep on top of the furniture inside the top drawer?  This keeps the horizontal spaces clean and does wonders for the look of the room.
  • Can you move any storage out of your room – out of season clothes or anything else that is stored in there.  Find a lesser used corner of the house to keep it in.
  • Can you get the electronics out?  A TV in the room is just a temptation and a drain.

The goal is to make the room inviting, relaxing, restful, and fun.

What do you want to think about when you are in your room?

  • Work?
  • Laundry?
  • Overwhelming clutter?
  • Lack of space?
  • Night news?


  • Peace
  • Space
  • Beauty
  • Calm

This is where you will end your day and start your day.

Make it a haven instead of a hole

The difference in your mood, enjoyment of life, energy, marriage, and even your health is huge.  Because of this, it could be argued, the bedroom may be the most important area of the house to receive a minimalist overhaul.

What kind of simple bedroom can you create this week?

(If you need some nicer sheets or pillows grab them this week too.)

Also, bedroom furniture, especially extra dressers, sell really easily on Craigslist or garage sales 🙂


  1. Roberta Roberta

    I enjoy reading your posts even though I don’t always do the challenge. But this one! This is timely. I am preparing for an upcoming surgery and need to make my bedroom a peaceful haven…long overdue. Thanks for the challenge. 🙂

  2. Deb J Deb J

    My bedroom is beautiful and calm. I have my twin size bed, a glider rocker and a small shelf on the wall to use for a box of Kleenex and my alarm clock. That’s it. No pictures or anything else. My closet has my light weight winter “quilt” in a cover, a swimming noodle, a hanging show bag for my one pair of crocs, houseslippers, my Sunday bra and a pair of swim shoes. I have less that 30 pieces of clothing. It’s wonderful and so freeing.

  3. Katelyn Katelyn

    I have recently started decluttering my home as we approach a move (potentially into a smaller space). I have done most of the work in our bedroom thus far and I am loving it! The nightstands are cleared except for a lamp and the one book we are reading, my dresser used to be covered with knick knacks and now has only a few items on it and what a difference it has all made. Todays post has encouraged me even more and I am now considering having less furniture in the bedroom in our next home. Thank you!

  4. Sally Sally

    I just cleaned and polished all the surfaces in the bedroom on the weekend, and it does feel good. Whilst I still have the closets I started with before decluttering, where they used to be jammed full they are now spacious, which feels nice, and there is room for our “outbox” (things we put aside to give to the charity opshop) at the bottom of my closet. I like a calm bedroom.

  5. Joy Joy

    My bedroom is just perfect for this weeks challenge. I have always tried to keep my room free of clutter. It’s a great feeling.

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