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Simple Stories – Michele

cottage gardenI want to share a special guest post today by Michele O’Connor.  It is so inspiring to hear her talk about life, purpose, and action!

Dying For the Simple Life

Eleven years ago, I came within a hair’s breadth of dying. It’s hard to believe, but it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.

It all began when I was hospitalized with severe vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, dehydration, and a high fever. I probably had a virus that was too uncommon to be identifiable.

I say probably because my doctors never quite could figure out what was wrong with me. At the time they said I might have terminal cancer and I might go into a coma and/or die because all my internal organs were failing except for my heart.

Well, it definitely wasn’t my time yet because I left the hospital in a little over a week.

Exactly one month to the day after going home, all my blood tests were normal.

My doctors thought it might take a year to recover, but I was stubbornly determined to get better in a month.

The most interesting part of the story, however, is what happened while I was lying in my hospital bed with a dangerously-high fever. I was so sick I couldn’t lift a fork to eat, and I couldn’t get out of bed at all. I couldn’t even watch TV; that would have taken too much energy. I wasn’t bored, though; my mind wandered everywhere; and I frequently had the sensation that I was floating. I later learned that I was delirious some of the time.

I wondered if perhaps my soul was making some practice flights just in case it might be leaving.

I have to admit when I was first told I might die, I was somewhat worried. Amazingly, though, at my very weakest point, when I thought I might slip away and never come back, I had a deep sense of peace and an absolute certainty that all was well and all would be well. I knew logically if I died that people would miss me, but I was perfectly certain that they would be all right. In fact, I learned the profound lesson that ALL IS ALWAYS WELL, ALL ALWAYS WILL BE WELL, AND ALL ALWAYS IS EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD BE. No exceptions.

A second lesson, equally profound and important to me, was revealed to me at the same time. Although I didn’t fully realize it while in the hospital, within the next few weeks I came to know and understand – and then finally articulate – what my soul’s real purpose is in this life: to create a healing place for myself and all those who visit it, utilizing all the knowledge I’ve gained about healing environments over the entire course of my life.

As a teenager, I became interested in interior design; then as an adult, I became interested in all types of environments and how they affect people on all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

Since that time 11 long years ago, my dream of creating a healing place has been delayed by so many unexpected, complex, life-altering events that I wouldn’t want to recount or dwell on them all. Oftentimes, I have been completely, utterly discouraged thinking I’d never be able to fulfill my soul’s calling. But, I always refused to give up.

One of the recent steps along the path to my soul’s destiny was to renovate and then sell our four-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house, move almost all of our belongings into storage, and rent a studio apartment to live in while we looked for our next house. Living in such a small space taught both my husband and me that we can live very comfortably with very few things.

In fact, we now much prefer to live that way.

As incredible as it seems to me, I think my soul’s mission finally is coming to fulfillment. A few days ago, I found what appears to be the perfect place to transform into a healing home, and my husband and I finally are in a position to buy it. It’s a small (some would say tiny) house located in a wooded area near a lake. It definitely has the right vibration for healing; I can feel it. In order to live in such a small house, my husband and I will have to divest ourselves of so much furniture and so many objects we’ve accumulated over the course of our 39-year marriage – no easy task!

However, I am convinced small is beautiful, and having a small place will (hopefully) enable me to have the time and resources to make it a perfect healing place.

I plan to make my healing home a place of utter simplicity and beauty. I will make it simple because I know that will be the most beautiful and healing for everyone, including myself. Edgar Cayce said, “For the beauty of man’s soul is oft reflected in the beauty of his environs.”

Creating the perfect healing place will require loads of time, energy, patience, and hard work; but I am as determined as I’ve ever been; and I know my destiny awaits.

Thanks so much Michele for sharing.  I am so excited to see you taking steps to live your own life!  It is inspiring to hear your story!

Photo Credit: Ah The Simple Life


  1. Thanks so much, Lorilee, for publishing my story. It’s a very personal one, and I’ve only shared it with a few people – until now! All the best to you in your quest for a simply happy life.

    • Michele, I am privileged to have you share on my blog. Thanks so much!

  2. Elaine Elaine

    I have known Michele for a long time and she has always made her homes beautiful and welcoming. I know that she will make a healing place that will be a comfort to all that visit with her in this special healing space.

  3. wolfy wolfy

    How inspring. .

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