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Simple Summer Plans

Simple Living Family VacationsIn the past three years our family has taken road trips through the US.

Three Years Ago

Three years ago we took three weeks and went and explored the northeastern coast of the US.

Highlights included:

  • Wandering through Boston
  • Camping next to a civil war bunker
  • Climbing amazing mountains in Maine

Two Years Ago

Two years ago we took 5+ weeks and went up into western Canada and then drove down the west coast of the US.

Highlights included:

  • Seeing the newly married Prince and his wife at the Calgary Stampede
  • Swimming at the hot springs in Banff
  • Hiking down the Grand Canyon and camped at the bottom

Last Year

Last year we took 5+ weeks and explored the southeast coast of the US.

Highlights included:

  • Tours of the Capital building and the White House lawn.
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • Shell island and swimming with rays
  • Caving in Mammoth Caves – the longest cave recorded in the world

This Summer

Now that we are in China we can’t do any camping road trips, but we have still run into adventure plans.

With much prayer and kicking bushes we have found two places to travel to, volunteer at, and explore, that are new and exciting.

July Working With Women

Really excited about working with this amazing group.  Because of disclosure and other issues I can’t tell you were we are, but we are in a city in Asia helping exploited women.   I may be able to tell you more but we need to clear it with the organization first.  I will post more about our adventures with pictures in two weeks 🙂


We are taking the long way between the two projects which will include a 20-30 hour train ride in a cute little sleeper car.  I am at least as excited about it as the kids.  There just isn’t cool train rides in the US and this will give us some awesome scenery!

August In Taiwan

During the month of August we will be volunteering at a Christian project in Taiwan.  Like July, I can’t put specifics on my site, but I will fill you in on all the details and pictures near the end of the month.


  1. This sounds great! I like the way you are interweaving the volunteer work with family time and sightseeing. Enjoy it all! Kind Regards, Carol

  2. Harper Harper

    Train trips are the best! Have fun!!!

    With regards to your comment about there not being cool train rides in the US, there definitely are! The Amtrak cross-country routes are great and the scenery is fun to watch. Yes, it is a lot of desert, but the desert is beautiful and you can see for miles. The sleeper compartments aren’t too expensive if you book well in advance and look out for discounts. 3 hot meals a day are included in sleeper car rates, so keep that in mind when pricing. You can get out at select stations and walk around the immediate area for about 30-45 minutes.

    For shorter trips the west coast trains are amazing and some go right along the beach.

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