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Working With Starfish, an Amazing Deal, and a super cute necklace

starfish300wideThis month me and the family have been working at the Starfish Project and it has been so much fun!

I have never been able to handle stories about women (and young girls) who are caught in a life of exploitation.   The stories come from everywhere – they are all over the world, and they are overwhelming.  But I am here this month able to work with an amazing organization that is making a difference.

Honestly it has been a bit of a dream come true.

The office is full of women who are pulled out.  Who are healing.  Who are learning, growing, starting their own families and finding hope.  Just being around all of it gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.  The whole atmosphere is full of changing lives and lives committed to helping others change.  It is beautiful!

Starfish started in 2006 with the goal of helping exploited women and has now expanded to 3 offices in 3 different cities in Asia.  But because of political reasons they don’t share their exact locations.

Originally it started with the idea to help women who were being exploited and give them the needed emotional and physical support but they quickly realized the need for giving them employment training as well.  The jewelry business came about to give them this employment training, to help them grow their self-worth by working to take care of themselves and their families, and to provide the income for the whole program.

It is a beautiful set-up.

Check out this video of what they are doing:

Here is the link.

“I am now able to laugh again and cry. Not tears of sadness but of joy. For the first time I feel that people care about me and love me unconditionally. Now, I can dream again. Now, I can hope again.” – Starfish Employee

Over the past year the number of girls in their program has almost doubled, which is really awesome, but it has also caused the need for much more jewelry sales to keep everyone busy.

This is what Bryon and I have been here trying to help with this month.  Bryon has been doing a bunch of photography stuff and I have been working on organizing a huge sale that starts today!!

The Sale:


This super cute necklace called the ‘3 Flower Bib’, one of their best selling pieces, at a HUGE 70% discount for 4 days only with a goal of selling (at least) 10,000 necklaces.

Sale price $8.99

70% off with discount code ‘STARFISH2013’

Regular Price $29.99

July 29 8:00 am EST through August 1 at 11:59 pm EST

Incredible deal! And by purchasing this necklace you are becoming an advocate for exploited women in Asia. Your purchase will give them work for their hands, hope for their hearts, and the knowledge that they are valued by someone who doesn’t even know them.

That is huge!

“Because of Starfish, my future is now filled with hope” – Starfish Employee

The Necklace:

Look stylish day or night with this 3 silver flower pendant bib necklace fixed on a double silver chain. It is adjustable between 20 to 23 inches.

This is an online exclusive deal for these 4 days only. To get the 70% discount use the discount code STARFISH2013 when you check out.

Buy Now

This necklace and this 4-day sale are awesome but…

There’s More:

starfishmodel2smallThis sale lasts for only 4 days but the Starfish story is both continuing and growing. Would you become and advocate and join the Starfish Project?

You can become an advocate by:

Starfish is making a lasting difference in the lives of women.  Here is a story of one of the women:

This is My Story

“I was born in a very poor family and when I was 13 my father died. At 17 my mother did not have enough money to send me to high school so she sent me with my older sister to the city. My sister organized a job for me there but when I went to start work, I discovered that I had been tricked by my own family members. They had sold me into exploitation. The owner told me that I had to work for him or he would kill me, so I had to stay. The boss would often mistreat me and I received a lot of hurt to my body and my heart in that place. I experienced many horrible things.

After about a year there I heard of a woman who worked for Starfish Project. I asked her if I could go to work at their jewelry company. They hired me right away. I fled the horrible place and went to work for Starfish.

When I first arrived, I felt I was worthless and acted out in many ways. Then I went through counseling at Starfish Project, and I was able to let go of my past hurts, anger and bitterness. I realized that I am lovable, capable and finally, have hope.

I also felt that I should be a light to other women, so I decided to get training in counseling. I have been attending classes through the Starfish Project. A few years ago I got married and I now have a beautiful baby. I live with my family in our own apartment and work as part of the management team for the Starfish Project jewelry company.” (source Starfish-Project)

There is hope.  There is something you can do.  Thank you for joining with us an becoming advocate.

Would you share this post with your friends or on social media?

Just between you and me, planning and pulling off a sale like this usually takes much more planning and much more experience.   We are working and praying with the time we have.  Any help you can give in spreading the word and praying would be awesome!

Do you have a blog and would like to get involved with this sale or sales in the future? Grab the promo information here.

By buying a piece of jewelry you make these programs, and lasting change in these women’s lives, possible.

You become an advocate.

Note: I am sharing this charity and this deal with you because I am an advocate. I do not receive any commissions or free products for this post.   

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  1. […] Starfish is a socially responsible jewelry company.  They bring in girls who have been exploited and provide them with a job (making jewelry), a place to stay, education, counseling, and lots of other things they need to help them change their life.  It is awesome!  The company has been growing a lot in the last year and getting more and more efficient.  It is great news but their supply has passed their current sales demand.  They needed to make a bunch of sales quick to keep all the ladies in the program (at their 3 different locations in Asia) busy.  Since I have had some online sales experience with my books I helped throw together a ‘flash sale’ to try and sell as many of one necklace as possible in 4 days to drive both business and online exposure.  I wrote about it here. […]

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