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Moving Forward

simple living, minimalistImage: antpkr

Sitting down to my computer this morning to write I am feeling it is time for change.  I have been really wanting to change some things for a while and have not been sure when to do it… this morning just feels like the right time.

I won’t be posting any more Simple Living Challenges on Mondays.  It was really fun and if you want to see the posts you can read through the past 7 months of challenges here.

… or if you want the book check out Simple Living: 30 days to less stuff and more life.

Downsizing our life from ‘the normal’ to a few suitcases and traveling was one of the best decisions we made for our family.  Looking back, it is amazing how much has changed.


I love the word authenticity.  It is something I struggle with and one of the reasons I started writing.  My natural tendencies are to live, act, and speak the way I think people want me to… but I don’t want my life to be like that.  I want to be authentic in my spirituality, my family, my friends, my writing and any other way people see me.  I still need a lot of practice.

While we were cutting back and simplifying our life the process was hard and confusing. We didn’t know how much stuff we should have, keep, or store.  We were growing, stretching, questioning, and learning.

That being said, downsizing and organizing isn’t something we do much anymore and writing about it no longer feels very authentic.  Instead of downsizing we are reaping the benefits of having a downsized life.  I want my blog to reflect where we are now… and I am still trying to figure out how that will look.


I also see our life changing a lot in the future.  Even since we arrived in China we have felt like this is more than a 1 year thing.  We love China 🙂

However, our time and our life is much different here.  I want so desperately to be able to balance teaching English, homeschooling my kids, learning language, and my writing and have it all fit.  All are areas I love and enjoy.  I want the benefits of simplification and time management to make it all fit, but it doesn’t.

But over the past few months everything hasn’t fit as well as I would like and language learning and homeschooling have been cut short.

Do you find yourself squeezing out the hardest parts of your life when things get busy?  

When I get busy I always gravitate to the easiest stuff and the hard stuff gets squeezed out.  But it is often those hardest things that are the most important.

I hate to call parenting hard because I love my kids, but parenting has never been easy for me.  Learning Chinese is a whole new level of hard… just thinking about it is a bit overwhelming.  But if we are going to stay here it is important.  We want to be able to connect with people, to understand them better, to help them if we are able, and make good friends.

The Plan:

For my blog to fit my life and be authentic with where I am I will be posting once a week about the difference ‘living simple and with purpose’ makes.

I have gone many different directions with how I think this blog should look.  What I really want you as a reader to get when you visit (or read any of my writing) is encouragement to live your life on purpose.  Your life won’t look like mine, but it probably won’t look like anyone else’s either.

I love this blog and I love those of you who read regularly or just stumble upon it.  I am excited to meet you, get to know you better, and continue growing together.

Next week I will be writing about the difference between purpose and passion.  I am also working on getting interviews with other people who are living their life differently. I am excited to be able to share it all with you!

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S –  I fell in love with this picture of iced coffee!  Right now we are in Taiwan and it is really hot.  When we go out we spend at least half of our time with iced drinks or ice cream.  We travel around a bit slower, but it is still pretty fun to be in Taipei!


  1. Lorilee, I think there is a natural progression, from focusing on physical decluttering, to living “on purpose” in other areas of your life. Minimalism is about getting rid of the clutter, so that we can live lives that are not focused on possessions.

    I’m in the same place you are. After the Great Purge #2, I no longer need to declutter. Our focus now is on pursuing our passions, and following our dreams. As a result, my posts have naturally gone to more philosophical issues.

    I look forward to seeing where your writing goes next, as you live out your dreams! 🙂

  2. Laurène Laurène

    Thank you Lorilee for your enthusiasm and passion!! You seem to have a bubbly,loving and lucid perspective on your life and changes that always occur…
    Congratulations for your blog and weekly wisdom! I wish you all the best to you and your family for this Chinese life;-)

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    Do I tend to squeeze out the hardest parts of life when things get busy? Absofreakinlutely! I feel like my tendency to do this is because of overwhelm too. I think it’s human to do the stuff that comes easier to us when life gets too complex. Overload, plus learning something new, plus dealing with the hard parts of life equals so much stress.

    I strive for authenticity too. That isn’t always easy in our people-pleasing culture! Right now I’m reading, “The Gifts of Imperfection” and “Daring Greatly” which is a large part about understanding what it means to live authentically in our lives.

    • oh, those sound like good books. I will look them up 🙂

  4. Glad to read that you are moving forward in life and on this blog. Simple living allows us to reflect on what truly matters in our lives and it helps keep us from digging ourselves into a rut…no matter how ideal our life appears to others. I have no doubt that this blog, and your writing, will be the better for it. I look forward to more authenticity.

    Take care Lorilee and all the best.


  5. Rona Rona

    I agree with Bethany, a natural progression…you have done the de-cluttering and now live each day simply so as I see it you could either stop writing (NO!!!!!) or you can write about the difference/rewards etc. of having done all that hard work! This will be just as inspiring and important because it will help those who are ‘on the verge’ of simplifying their lives but are not sure if it is worth it! Sometimes you need to see the rewards, albeit for someone else, before you get the nerve to do it yourself!

  6. Michelle Diamond Michelle Diamond

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with such sincerity. It’s funny…when you posted the blog about cleaning out our cars a couple weeks ago, I thought, “I don’t think Lorilee even owns a car in China. It’s like she’s coaching us from the other side of the world. Her life is so different now-I wonder if she’d rather be writing about her new lifestyle more?” So your post didn’t not surprise me at all. (But I don’t see it as an authenticity issue…just a natural progression). You have lots of posts about simplifying (as do other sources); I think posts about how you are reaping the rewards and focusing on your passions (including overcoming the everyday challenges)will be inspiring!

  7. Hello Lorilee, Congratulations on your decision to follow your heart and to write about where you are now in your life. You are taking the more challenging path, one that I think it will resonate with your readers. I look forward to your post on the difference between purpose and passion; it sounds most interesting.

  8. We are getting to the end of our clutter and there is no telling where life will take us, but right now we are excited for you and your life abroad. Blogs change and shift focus, the right readers will stay and listen to your words, don’t ever doubt that 🙂

  9. Ellen Ellen

    I’m in the early stages of simplifying, and I feel like I can’t get through the “reducing possessions stage” quickly enough! I’m convinced that the big rewards will come later, when I make some hard decisions and truly reorient my attention and effort to the parts of my life that are most important. I think you’re right that living simply can be a path to discovering and then living as your true self. Looking forward to your insights.

  10. Just love how real you are! So thankful I came across your blog!

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