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Simple Challenge – Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

How is the summer going?

My summer has been full of a bunch of traveling so far and has a lot more traveling yet to come.

Two days ago we took a bullet train across China and yesterday we flew to Taiwan.

Today I am sitting here in a daze trying to collect myself ūüôā

But it got me thinking about travel for our weekly challenge this week.  It is a short challenge but it is a pretty important one for this season.


Simple Challenge – Clean Out The Car

Something about this time of year, with lots of extra outings, gets the car full of clutter. ¬†Food, clothes, toys, books, … and a lot of trash seem to collect and multiply.

Take some time this week to clean out the car.

Car Cleaning Tips:

  1. Separate trash and each persons belongings into different bags while you are cleaning the car.  This is a great use for disposable shopping bags and makes it easy to finish the job when you walk back into the house (instead of just moving several bags of clutter from one area to another).
  2. If you have kids, or pets, or other dirty activity in the back seat, use an old table cloth to lay over the back seat.  It is much easier to pull it out and shake it (and occasionally wash it) than to try and get all the crumbs brushed out.  Seat covers in the front are a great idea too because they are much easier to wash than the actual seats.
  3. Keep both reusable shopping bags and disposable shopping bags under a seat in the car so it is easier to clean out trash or carry more items in after a shopping trip.
  4. Keep a small pack of wet-wipes or car-wipes in the glove compartment so you can wipe off the dash.

Thanks so much for coming by!  Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Nancy Nancy

    Some great ideas Lorilee. We just got home from a trip yesterday and will be leaving again tomorrow. We love to travel, but when you’re living in the car a lot, things can get pretty cluttered. Hope that you and family have a wonderful time in Taiwan.

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