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A Bit About Taiwan

Taiwan - Simple Living TravelThe month of August 2013 our family spent almost 4 weeks in Taipei, Taiwan.  It was pretty exciting to see the similarities and differences between China, where we live, and Taiwan.

Probably, for someone coming from the west, it would seem like they are similar but after living in China for the last 5-ish months Taiwan was another world.

I wanted to tell you a bit about Taiwan and show you some pictures.  If you get the chance some day to see it, I recommend it.  Otherwise, I will try and tell you want I can.


Taiwan is a small island off the southeastern coast of mainland China.  It isn’t totally part of China and isn’t totally it’s own country either.  There is a connection… and it’s complicated. In Taiwan they speak mandarin Chinese like they do in most of mainland China but the accent is different and the characters are a bit different. However, there is lots of foreigners and lots of people can speak some English so it is a very easy place to travel around.

Taiwan - Simple Living TravelThey also have a very good metro system in Taipei and a easy to follow train system around the island.

Where China boasts history back 2000-3000 years, most of current Taiwan is very new, since the end of World War II and the Chinese civil war in the middle of the 1900’s.  (if your a history nut here is a link for more history) Money is about $1 American dollar = $30 Taiwan dollar so prices can seem a bit surprising.    A bottle of water costs between $20-$30 and a meal at a nicer restaurant could cost you $100-$300 a plate.   Comparatively, at least compared to US prices, traveling in Taiwan is very reasonable.


Taiwan - Simple Living TravelI think the best part of Taiwan is the fact that it is a lush tropical island.  We fell in love with the beach.  Had we been their longer, we would have figured out how to get to more beaches, but this one is Baishawan and is north of Taipei. Taipei is built next to mountains to the north that are covered with green tropical forests.  It doesn’t really seem to matter which way you look because the view is always gorgeous. Taipei has a young, modern, and artsy feel.  I had it described to me as ‘kind of’ the Portland of Asia.  There is lots of night street markets that are crammed with people and lots of traditional foods, but there is also lots of education and foreign influence from all over the world and you can find lots of different ethnic restaurants.  (we found Mexican there that we were really missing) Taiwan - Simple Living Travel - Taipei 101Taipei is home to Taipei 101 – the second tallest building in the world.  This is a ball that is at the top that helps stabilize it from typhoons and earthquakes (they get a lot of both).  Several other buildings around the world have this design, but this is the only one that lets you see the ‘big ball’… or it is the tallest one to let you see the ball… or something cool like that. … I’m not good at remembering the details. Taiwan - Simple Living TravelJust out of Taipei did pottery at this cute pottery town called Yingge.  There is lots of shops selling pottery and letting you try.  There is also really awesome food 🙂 Taiwan - Simple Living Travel Then, Taiwan - Simple Living Travel - Modern Toilet Taipeiwe had a blast checking out the Modern Toilet Restaurant.  Just a restaurant with a ‘potty’ theme.  The kids loved it! Taiwan - Simple Living TravelsThe zoo has a panda bear.  It even has a baby that was 1 month old (but off display when we were there).

On a random note the garbage trucks play music… so you always know when one is on the neighborhood.

There was lots more we wish we saw while we were there, but it was an awesome trip just the same.  The most fun were wandering the streets and the night markets.  I love watching people 🙂  Here are some more pictures from our trip:

Taiwan - Simple Living Travel

Taiwan - Simple Living Travel

Taiwan - Simple Living Travel

Taiwan - Simple Family Travels

Taiwan - Simple Family Travels

Taiwan - Simple Family Travels

Here is a link to more I uploaded to Facebook if you are interested.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Etta Etta

    Thank you Lorilee for this very interesting piece on Taiwan. I read it to my husband and we thought we knew a lot about Taiwan until we read this. Think we might like to visit Taiwan now!

  2. Hello Lorilee, I enjoyed reading your post, and seeing the pictures! Taiwan sounds lovely! I’m glad that you and your family had a chance to spend some time there. Kind Regards, Carol

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