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Just Keep Swimming

LasJust Keep Swimming - Chinese Cake - Biblet week we had a party.  We had something pretty exciting to celebrate that we had been working on for the past 4+ years.

The kids were pretty excited!

When asked what they wanted for their party they both wanted a Chinese cake.  Look how cute this is!  All freshly made while you wait, decorated beautifully, and very reasonably priced. We have had one of these for several celebrations this year.

Even though these cakes are so easy to get and quite cheap they seem to only be used for birthdays here.  Where I am from everyday can be a cake day, but here we get strange looks for having a cake and not having a birthday to celebrate.

But we get strange looks for so many things here 🙂

And we had a great reason to celebrate!

Ever since my babies were very small…

Long before we started simplifying…

Over 4 different houses and many vacations…

…we have been working at reading the Bible through slowly before they go to sleep at night.

Last Sunday September 1, 2013 we finished!

We struggle with schedule, remembering, finding the Bible and being tired, but we kept it up and we made it!

In many ways it is a big thing.  I am excited to know my kids have heard the whole Bible before they hit 10 years old (except I skipped Song of Solomon and selectively edited some words and stories as necessary… the Bible is pretty graphic).  There are many adults who believe in the Bible that have never gotten all the way through.

But it is also a small thing.  It would have been easy for most people to get through it much quicker, we may have missed more nights than we remembered, and it took us forever.

But lots of small progress still leads to big results.

When I think back to how we de-cluttered it looked a lot like this as well.  Some days there were progress and a lot of days it seemed like the huge task was hardly started.

Some days it works, some days it doesn’t… and with working toward a simple life, some days you take large steps backwards.

But lots of small progress still leads to big results.

What have you completed by taking lots of small steps?

What are you working on?

just keep swimming 🙂

Note: The cake was really good!  Very light with more of a whipped cream (not really sweet) frosting.  It is just a bit more dense than angel food cake and there is fruit in-between the two layers.  Yum!

Also: If you don’t have smaller children (or have somehow else avoided it) ‘just keep swimming’ is an amazingly sticky part of the movie Finding Nemo.  You can see the scene here.  Motivation for ‘when life gets you down’, but works for general forward movement too 😉  Thanks for reading!

And: I am trying to do instagram to take more pictures of China life for the family.  If you want to see random pictures of Chinese life find me on instagram – lovingsimpleliving


  1. Congrats on a huge accomplishment! I didn’t read through the whole Bible until I was 35 – and now I’m on my 4th read through (just finished the OT this morning).

    Thanks for the encouragement to do this WITH my girls…

  2. I just started following your blog a few weeks ago, and I love your posts. It is encouraging to know there are other people out there who love the simple life. This is not so common in society today. And God is using your posts in my life. Thank you for writing. And congratulations on reading through the Bible with the kids! I finally read through for the first time last year, and I loved the flow of God’s story from beginning to end.

  3. Congratulations! I have yet to read through the Bible. What a great thing to do with your children.

    Love that cake! It looks and sounds delicious!

  4. Yes, congrats on your family’s accomplishment! What a wonderful goal and the perseverance is commendable!

    Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Lisa Lisa

    Congratulations on reading the Bible through with your kids. That is a major accomplishment, and your kids will always remember what is important in your family.

  6. Rebekah Rebekah

    I feel compelled to thank you deeply for this blog. I am drawn to simplicity and was challenged to find minimalists who faced the challenges that I do, being a homeschooling mother of two elementary age children. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share your experiences, perspective and thoughts on this blog. It so helps to have a picture and example of someone who has walked the path ahead of me. I loved this post. I may attempt to venture this same goal with my kids. I loved the celebration at the end with the super cute cake. Praying that God will direct your next steps and mine,

    • Great to meet you! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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