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Needing Some Declutter Help?

Declutter-Clinic-banner-ad2So, a few weeks ago I wrote about how I was changing up the blog a bit.  Instead of decluttering we are traveling, learning, experiencing.  We are living the rewards of a decluttered life instead of doing the actual work.

I felt torn between keeping the blog as a tool for people decluttering and moving on to the new issues and thoughts running through my mind.

Shortly after I posted (read, like a few days) I got an e-mail from Warren Talbot about an awesome new course he was working on all about decluttering.

It was perfect timing!  

You see, I believe strongly in a decluttered life.  … not just organizing things and hiding them, really getting them out of your life, your mind, your way, your budget, your schedule, and anywhere else they may be holding you back.

I also love the stuff Warren and Betsy Talbot put out.  I read their first book when we were going through our declutter journey and have been inspired by their story through our whole journey.

Over the past few weeks I have been pre-viewing their course.  I loved it!  It is what I wish I had 3 years ago when we set off on the journey of simplifying.  It is practical, usable, motivating, easy to follow, and you can’t help but love them as they guide you through 🙂

Needing a bit more decluttering in your life? Check out my review of it here.