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Cool Christmas Tree Ideas

Simple Minimalist Christmas Plan - White Christmas Tree

Getting ready to decorate for Christmas?

I love the idea of a Christmas tree but don’t like the traditional options:

  • Fake – looks like a bottle brush and takes an entire closet to store
  • Real – kills a tree, is dead and dropping needles before Christmas… and is a hassle to get rid of.

So here are so some awesome, small space, small storage, but festive ideas:

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  1. Sarah Sarah

    Thank you for posting this. It opened my eyes. Tomorrow I am going to make a wall hanging christmas tree!

  2. Nancy Nancy

    I like the book Christmas tree. Interesting creativity.

  3. Heidi Inuyama Heidi Inuyama

    I just made a felt Christmas tree. It’s attached to the wall with 3M Command strips – no holes. We don’t have a lot of space and my older girl has fun decorating and undecorating it. All the ornaments are felt too. I used 3M Command hooks to string a set of lights back and forth across it. The fun is I can keep tweaking the ornaments.

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