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Image: Simon Howden

November on Facebook is big for two reasons:

  1. Facial Hair
  2. Thankfulness

Though I get a kick out of the facial hair pics, I really love seeing all the thankful posts on my friends walls.

Thankfulness and Thanksgiving are awesome all through the year.  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month and we are excited about celebrating it again this month.  No matter where you are in the world, being reminded to be thankful makes a big difference in your day, your week, and your month 🙂

Sometimes it is easy to get busy and forget the power of being thankful. Sometimes it seems there are bigger and more important things to focus on.

But thankfulness is a beautiful gift.

Being thankful gives new perspective, hope, healing, and renewed energy for the tasks ahead.

Here are 10 things I am thankful for this week:

  1. Birthday parties for my husband and my daughter in the last 2 weeks and the time and effort friends and family from home put into them to make them special.  We made some great memories.  (we got treats from Australia and America to put together for our parties in China)
  2. My students this year.  I have never been a teacher before and the kids I got this year have been awesome.  I love them all!
  3. The chance to be in China.  Before we came I didn’t know much about this country, but we have learned so much.
  4. My amazing husband 😉  (and the fact that he can fix almost everything that breaks, except my computer – and for letting me use his to get all my writing done)
  5. Heat.  The government controls heat here and we just got it turned on November 15.  Very thankful.
  6. Skype. It makes living on the other side of the word not seem so far away.
  7. Tickets to come home a week early so we can be home in America for Christmas
  8. My kids and their drive to learn new things
  9. Instagram
  10. Fresh apples – so good this time of year.  We have made sauce, pies, and eaten lots fresh.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Thanks for the reminder.
    I’m thankful for
    1. My faith
    2. My beautiful wife. She is my best friend and biggest supporter.
    3. My children. They bring much joy to my heart.
    4. My family and friends.
    5. My health.
    6. Books. Love to read.
    7. Internet.

  2. Nancy Nancy

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, in fact I can’t think of anything that produces health and happiness more than a heart full of Thanks. Thanks for reminding us to be greatful.

    I’m thankful for many of the same things you have in your list.

    A warm house when the weather gets cold,
    my wonderful husband,
    definitely Skype- it helps bridge the distance between us.
    So glad you have tickets to come home.
    I am also thankful for the many adventures and challenges in life.
    I am especially thankful for beautiful photos that show a world of experience and appreciation of life. Gods promises of a future with so much to hope for.

    Thankful lists can go on and on without end….. We need to make everyday a day of true thanksgiving

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