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Category: Books on Simple Living

These are some of my reflections from my favorite simple living books. Books are often the window, the kick, the way to dream, about a better simple life that is focused, uncluttered, and centered around what matters most.

Christmas Week Book Giveaway #2

Image: by Kookkai_nak

I hope your Christmas week is going well. I hope that you have been having fun, spending time with people you love, eating good food, and spending some time relaxing. Maybe even reading some good books.

Here is another book you could curl up on the couch with (accompanied by a few cookies and a cup of tea).


Christmas Week Book Giveaway #1

Image: by Kookkai_nak

I have had the privilege preview and review several books this year.  All have been by authors I love and respect and it has been super fun.  For several I have also received hard copies for giving away on my blog that I wasn’t able to do with our travels.

So, what better time than now!  Christmas week book giveaways!

Snuggle in for winter reading with some of these 🙂  This will be the first of 3 days of book giveaways.  Entries will be collected until Dec 31 at midnight central standard time and winners will be notified January 1st, 2013.


Gifts and Giving – An Awesome Opportunity

I wanted to share this opportunity with you.  Not only because it has my book in it, but because I really think kids/siblings should stay together if possible.

I don’t know much about big families (we are only a 2 kid family) but my mom was the youngest of 12 kids and only 4 years old when they lost both their parents.  Their family was able to stay together and take care of each other, and they are a very tight and close family now.

Okay, so here is the deal.  Books and a Benefit!

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Sweet Deal – books and bonuses

Last week I brought you a pretty sweet deal (Graffiti was free).  Free is pretty good, but I have to say that this deal is even better.

I am honored to be part of this sale that was offered a few weeks ago.  And Stephanie has decided to bring it back for 2 more days (she explains below).  However, she isn’t just bringing it back… it got better!

For $29 dollars you get $300 worth of books, and over $70 worth of products… um, that is pretty nuts.

The books are mainly healthy cooking or healthy living books and they create a whole digital library in this topic.   Since becoming minimalist I have worked to grow my digital library because it is so easy to store and organize.  You can keep it on a computer, online storage, kindle or other for easy reference.

Their is awesome Christmas gifts potential here.  You can get the book package for you and for only the price of shipping, give the bonuses as Christmas gifts (over $70 worth), or gift the whole thing, or mix and match.