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Category: Minimalist Parenting

Simple Parenting is not an oxymoron. Parenting and children are benefited by minimalist living and a simple life. Raising my kids is my most important job and I don’t want to miss the most important parts with all the clutter in my life.

You Say It Like It’s a Bad Thing

China - Simple ParentingYou accuse me of sheltering my kids like it is a bad thing.

For 9 months they were part of my body.  For another year+ they needed to be within arms reach for both nourishment and mobility.

They will walk out on their own into the world around the age of 18. But there is a a huge transition for them to go through between being a toddler and being an adult.

This transition is made possible through sheltering  

It is a parent’s job and responsibility to help kids grow, learn about the world, and feel the pain of the world at a rate that they can handle and will benefit them.  This is sheltering and I fully intend on continuing.