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Category: Simple Family

In a crazy and cluttered world we need Simple Family solutions. Using simple living and minimalist ideas parenting, marriage, and family can all be amazing if we know what to focus on.

Minimalist Kids … 2 years later

minimalist kids - IanMy kids have been along for this simple living and minimalist ride for over 2 years now.  They are my ‘minimalist kids‘.

We started changing our life when they were still young (4, and 7) but they still remember our life before.  They have lived through us moving a bunch, dreaming a bunch, simplifying a bunch, homeschooling and trying to be intentional about our living.  They have been great!

I really want my kids to learn from us to focus their priorities on God and relationships and to be comfortable questioning what society tells them.  Hopefully we have been modeling that for them.

It seems like we (parents) should be able to figure life out before we decide to bring kids into the world.  But the longer I live, the less I believe I will ever figure life out... so it is good we didn’t wait 😉

Anyways, last summer I interviewed my kids about minimalism for the blog and the loved it.  I figured I would do a update post to that and have the kids tell you about minimalist living and our new travel adventures.

Today’s post is brought to you by my darling children


Chinese People Touch Each Other

Image: David Castillo Dominici,

Chinese people touch each other… and they touch me too.

Of all the ways I thought culture would be different here in China it is the touching that keeps catching me off guard.

  • The food – learning to like it
  • The driving – starting to understand it
  • The sanitation – getting used to it

… but the touching, still seems odd to me.

I am not sure what this tells me about Chinese people, but I know this tells me a lot about myself.


8 Simple Steps to a Better Marriage

I am not a marriage counselor and never thought I would do much writing about marriage.  However, in seeing and talking to some people in the last few months I have wanted to write up some of the wisdom that I have learned.  I am terrible at verbally sharing things…that probably why I blog 🙂 Not sure it is earth shaking or will fix everything but it is what I have learned.

Marriage is such a beautiful gift.  This is a perfect example of:

‘The whole is greater then the sum of it’s parts’ – Aristotle

Sure life can be fun alone, but the beauty and benefit of marriage is so much better.  …sorry to those of you who aren’t married.   I totally recommend marriage.

However, just being married doesn’t mean it is a benefit or a great marriage.  I don’t know that I completely agree with the idea that ‘a great marriage takes work’, it might, but a great marriage should be the goal instead of just a legal document and someone to live with.