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Category: Simple Religion

God created simple living. Lets apply minimalist ideas to create simple religion. All areas of our lives get cluttered, but this one is dangerous.

What’s Your Word For This Year?

Image: David Castillo Dominici

A few weeks ago we went to a church service where the speaker was talking about the New Year.  I loved what he was sharing and it really helped me as I looked into this coming year.

Usually this is the time of year when people start resolutions. I’m not against resolutions, but it is busy time of the year and most people’s immediate focus right after Christmas is diet and finance.  Health and money are important parts of life, but often these resolutions are focused on the negative and the craziness of the holidays paired with trying to get back into schedules make these hard to keep.

I think any day of the year is a good day to make a change in your life for the better.  Many times changes don’t happen as easily or as quickly as planned, this is just life.  The idea is to keep moving in the right direction.

But the speaker wasn’t talking about resolutions.


God’s Will – Stepping Into It

God's Will - Simple Living - Organization - Minimalist LivingImage: Bryon Lippincott Photography

Because I am a Christian, and I believe God’s will for my life is my best life possible, I have always been very interested figuring out God’s will.

I study and I pray.  I wish I could hear God like Abraham, or get clear signs like Gideon.  But as much as I have tried I find it hard to know what God really wants me to do.

I am embarrassed to say this as a Christian.. I believe God’s will is the most important thing to do.. and I am not always confident in what that is.


Why Weren’t You Moses?

Simple Living - Simple ReligionImage: by James Barker

I just had to share with you want I read this morning out of a book my sister-in-law got me for Christmas.

The book is Mended by Angie Smith and the chapter was called “Why Weren’t You Moses?”.  Really the whole book has been good so far but this chapter really hit me.

I have been struggling a bunch with where I should be spiritually, if I am who God wants me to be, if I am really walking with him etc.  This chapter really spoke to that.


Learning From One of Histories Great Minimalists

Image: by James Barker

The following is a guest post by Grayson of A Parched Soul.  Enjoy!

“All the lessons are in the past. All the opportunities are in the future. Don’t miss either.” -Rick Warren

We are notoriously nearsighted when it comes to history. The history of minimalism is no different.

We think it’s a movement with very recent cultural roots, and to some degree this is quite true. But there were those who came before us who set the tone for living with less.


The Real Miracle

real miracle - simple religionImage: Bryon Lippincott

I love blogging. So often a post will sit in my head and develop for weeks or months as I try to wrap my mind around an idea. This is a post like that. This idea has jumped out at me during Bible study, my reading, sermons, songs, and even conversations. I feel I am still so far from understanding God but I am so glad that He keeps teaching me. It has been in these last few weeks that He has shown me what the real miracle is.

As a Christian we talk and ask for miracles all the time. We know lots of the good texts to quote about ‘asking anything in Jesus’ (John 14:14) name’ or ‘moving mountains with mustard seeds of faith’ (Matt 17:20) or my favorite ‘Elijah was a man just like us’ (James 5:17).  We use these texts to ask for miracles from healing cancers, to safety driving.  Ask most people, Christian or not, about a miracle and they will talk about healing.  There are awesome stories in the Bible and in our current world about miracles like these… but they are minor compared to the real miracle.