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Category: Simple Religion

God created simple living. Lets apply minimalist ideas to create simple religion. All areas of our lives get cluttered, but this one is dangerous.

Love — period

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A while ago I wrote about Minimalist Christianity.  I wrote about all we needed to have and to focus on.  Building on that today I want to write about all we need to do in this world – love.

This is something I can know in my head but my personality really struggles with it.  I am an action person, a results person, a tangible person, but God has been showing me in a bunch of different ways that this focus is wrong.   Not only wrong, but it is tiring, takes me from what is important, and (contrary to intent) it is ineffective.

Our focus should be that of Christ’s – to love people.


Materialism and Salvation

I wanted to write a continuation post (from last weeks post) about minimalist religion.   I believe our materialistic society has poisoned our religion and it leads to lots of confusion, and misunderstanding.  If you are a Christian than you believe your religion and your salvation is a life or death issue.  So important stuff right?

The problem comes because our materialist habits lead us to believe we need to ‘have’ salvation.  To own it.  That we need to do something to get it and then we will possess it.  Very similar to airline tickets.  You purchase them and then you present them at the gates and they guarantee you will get on.   Salvation is not like this.


Minimalist Christianity

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How does Minimalism relate to Christianity?  I have thought about this a bunch because I believe that both minimalism and Christianity are things which need to relate and spread through my whole life.  I have wanted to write this post for a few months and am now writing the complete post for a second time. (this is the beauty of writing posts ahead of time…I sometimes change my mind a the last second).

The thing with Christianity is that it often gets cluttered.