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Category: Minimalist Christmas

What does minimalist living look like at Christmas? Is it frugal? How can we keep clutter down and enjoyment up at this time of year?

Merry Christmas – and What Christmas Means to Me

Meaning of ChristmasThis week is crazy with travel, last minute shopping, and so much else I will keep this post short. To travel out of China and back to the US has taken us a train, 2 taxis, 2 planes, 1 hotel, and a whole lot of time with no sleep. It has spit me out happy to be back in the US but without much other brain computing power to process the change.

To counteract all the materialism this time of year many talk about ‘the real meaning of Christmas’. I agree 🙂 I think Christmas is wonderful and it is about Jesus and not about presents. But a lot of it comes out as a religious platitude – what does ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’ really mean and how does it affect the holidays, or life going forward?

How can I live this truth?

So the brain is a bit fuzzy, but I have been thinking about this for the last week and wanted to try and share some of these thoughts with you.  The true meaning of Christmas is very practical this time of year and through the whole year with religion, purpose, people, material possessions and so much more.


Gifting and Making a Difference

Image:Master isolated images

Last week I talked about how I love gift giving.  I think it is a special and important part of Christmas.

Gifts don’t need to be big, expensive, multiple (many) or even material, but they are a way to say ‘I love you’ and ‘you’re special to me’.

So Simple Living and Minimalism don’t mean you need to give up on gifting or Christmas.

The saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ is sooooo true with gifts.  The quality of the gift is much more important than the price or the quantity of gifts.

I wanted to post about several gifting ideas that make a difference.  The gift gets double the benefit: giving to someone special, and giving back to a cause that is making a difference.


Minimalist Christmas

Our Minimalist Christmas Tree 2Merry December!

I love Christmas.  There is something about the whole month that is fun and exciting.

I also love gifts, gift giving, memories, and all the fun traditions of Christmas.

I am a minimalist and believe you can have the best of both worlds.

Over the past 2 years our family has started a tradition the kids have come to call…

A Minimalist Christmas

The kids love it and it focuses on the fun and memories over the stuff.  Let me tell you about it…


Cool Christmas Tree Ideas

Simple Minimalist Christmas Plan - White Christmas Tree

Getting ready to decorate for Christmas?

I love the idea of a Christmas tree but don’t like the traditional options:

  • Fake – looks like a bottle brush and takes an entire closet to store
  • Real – kills a tree, is dead and dropping needles before Christmas… and is a hassle to get rid of.

So here are so some awesome, small space, small storage, but festive ideas:


Minimalist Christmas

We have had another wonderful Christmas this year! Our Christmas has lasted 7 days and is finishing today.

Recap on what we have been doing. 7 days, 7 gifts, 7 treats, 7 activities and Christmas morning excitement for 7 days 🙂 We have left presents and notes in their stockings and they have had lots of fun being surprised every morning.