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Category: Minimalist Christmas

What does minimalist living look like at Christmas? Is it frugal? How can we keep clutter down and enjoyment up at this time of year?

Our Minimalist Christmas Plan

Minimalist Christmas - Minimalist LivingImage: courtesy of thaikrit

We are very excited about another minimalist Christmas this year for our family.  Really it isn’t minimalist in the ‘smaller’ or ‘less’ definition because we are going to celebrate as a family for 7 days instead of one.

Last year we did the days between Christmas and New Years, but this year we wanted to do the days leading up to Christmas and have our 7th day be December 25th.

What’s going on for 7 days?


Are You Ready For A Minimalist Christmas?

I know Christmas is still a long way off… but I feel behind because other blogs have been blogging about it for at least a month already…. plus, I have plans and I know you are making plans so here is the Minimalist Christmas Planning post.

We did a Minimalist Christmas last year and it was a big hit.   The kids have asked me several times since then if we can do a Minimalist Christmas again… so, from the mouth of my babies it was a hit 🙂

What is the idea behind a Minimalist Christmas?

Holidays are awesome.  We need things to look forward too…especially when the weather is turning cold.  The whole month of December is full of cookies and happy music.  I love Christmas!

However, to often Christmas is simplified and overwhelmed by a main focus being put on the gifts.  There is so much more to Christmas and there is so much more to memories.  So, the idea behind the Minimalist Christmas is to: