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Category: Minimalist Tips

Trouble with organizing or getting organized? Looking for steps to a minimalist life? Need tips for simple living? Practical, how-to information on minimalism and a simple life.

Being Fully Present – Training our Thoughts for Simple

Image: by David Castillo Dominici

I really struggle to live and enjoy the present …but it is something I have been really working on this year.  I think it is key to both simple living and minimalist living.

I find it much easier to plan and dream in the future.  Things in the present are taken care of as they pop up, but my mind lives weeks and months ahead.

The future is addicting, it is filled with promise and hope.  Why focus on where I am at now on my book, blog,  or savings account when I can see the future when I reach my goals?

Living in the future also brings a lot of worry.  A deadline or a looming problem can take all my time when there is nothing I can do about the thing I am worried about.

It isn’t that we should only think about the present.  Not at all!  We need to have plans and we need to remember what was done in the past.

But we need to live our lives in the present.


Reverse the Holidays

Image: imagerymajestic

I am hoping everyone is getting geared up for Christmas this week and excited.  We don’t want to reverse any of that 🙂

Holidays have the potential to go against the de-cluttering work you have been doing.  Sure, it might be a huge minimalist feet to maintain the amount of things you own during the Christmas holidays but what if I challenged you to go a bit farther?

While everyone else is going to finish off the holidays in a few weeks with resolutions to lose weight next year, what if you beat them to it and lose the ‘house weight’ during the holidays.

Reverse The Holiday Gain


Simple Living (or Minimalist) Gift Ideas


Here at Loving Simple Living we feel pretty strongly about too much stuff… we don’t like it, don’t want it, don’t want to clean it up, don’t want to organize it, and don’t want to even ‘want’ it.

But this isn’t for all stuff.  Some stuff is really great and can still communicate love to another person without creating more clutter.

So how can we gift the Simple Living way?


You Are a Minimalist

Image: Bryon Lippincott

So often when people write me they start with something like this:

“I’m not a minimalist but ….”

Somehow people think that minimalism is something to attain, something to strive for but hard to reach.  Like you can only consider yourself a minimalist if you can put everything you own in a backpack or one load of laundry.

I’ve got news for you