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Category: Minimalist Tips

Trouble with organizing or getting organized? Looking for steps to a minimalist life? Need tips for simple living? Practical, how-to information on minimalism and a simple life.

Your Crazy Spot


We have talked about simplifying lots of different areas but lets face it, we are all different.

November starts holiday seasons with lots more activities and lots more hosting of activities so I wanted to see if we could talk about your crazy spot.

We are all searching for simple living and minimalism for slightly different reasons. We all come from different spots, and we all have different destinations in mind.

What is in the way? What is your crazy spot that needs to be simplified?

I want you to close your eyes and think about the holiday season coming up. Dream up the best scenario you can think of. How do you want it to look? Feel? Sound? Taste?


It’s Really Not That Crazy

Back when we decided to start adopting minimalism and really cleaning out the house I felt crazy.  When I started homeschooling I felt crazy.  When we take off on camping road trips for weeks I feel crazy.  It isn’t just me, I get the crazy look from lots of people who I tell about these things as we go along.  For the most part the ‘crazy look‘ isn’t a negative thing (I think), it is just different… a different they maybe hadn’t thought of.

I thought all these things were crazy when I first started but now I have met so many other like minded people, and I have lived these ideas for a while.  I can now say that none of these things are near as crazy as they might seem.  None of them are that big of a deal to do.  It isn’t near the HUGE undertaking it initially looks like.  In fact it seems so common and un-exciting that sometimes I have a hard time blogging about it at all.


Simple Halloween …and dark chocolate


I wanted to post about Halloween and simplicity.  ….really any holiday and simplicity.  I think holidays are great, but they have turned into such a stressful and materialistic mess.  Halloween is hard for me too because I have mixed feelings about the holiday.

I am all about people facing their fears, but I don’t understand the need to create fear.  I can kind of understand the people that go ‘all out’ for Christmas, but the people that go ‘all out’ for Halloween kinda creep me out.

So how can this holiday be simple and fun?


Simple Inbox – Never Miss a Thing


In response to a readers question a few weeks ago I wanted to share with you a chapter out of my Simple Living – 30 days to less stuff and more life book.  E-mail is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to time and organization.  Here is what I have learned to keep it under control.

Lesson 13 – E-mail

Frazzled and crazy in-boxes often end up making for frazzled and crazy schedules and lives where things are missed or forgotten. The goal today is to:


Simple Beauty – The Needed and the Clutter

simple beautyImage:

How many bottles do you have in your bathroom?  By the sink?  In the shower?  Cabinets?  Bottles, tubes, brushes, bags, tins, these come in many forms.  We don’t need piles of stuff, we need simple beauty.

A few weeks ago a reader suggested doing a post about simple make-up.  I love reader suggestions …I don’t know if I am the best person to speak on this, but I can give you my thoughts.

Simple Beauty

Really, it is more than just make-up, it is the whole beauty routine – pretty much everything that can be used up in the bathroom (except the TP).  There are skin products, hair products, hair removal products, smell better products, smell less products, look younger/older products.  Both genders and all ages have collections of things in this area.  We don’t need a pile of stuff, we need simple beauty.