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Category: Minimalist Tips

Trouble with organizing or getting organized? Looking for steps to a minimalist life? Need tips for simple living? Practical, how-to information on minimalism and a simple life.

Things I Miss

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Something I hear a lot when people talk about minimalism or simple living is ‘What if I miss my stuff?’ , ‘What if I get rid of something and wish I hadn’t?’  Because everyone is different I can’t answer these questions for you but I can tell you the things I miss.

There are two areas I hear these questions pop up with:

  • First is with memory items – What if I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of this piece?  What if  my kids or family wishes I kept it?
  • Second is with necessary items – What if I get rid of this and need it later? Isn’t it expensive to buy it again?

These questions are stalling you.   They seem logical in your head but it is your mind going against the change you are looking for in your life.  These are good questions, and they are something to consider, but they have the power to take over your simple minimalist plans and derail them.  Somehow, when we start going through our house looking for stuff everything seems like a need or a memory… but it isn’t.


Entertaining and Holidays – Minimalist Style

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This post is based of a readers question ‘What about entertaining and holidays?’

A common reason for getting a bigger house or for having extra household items is for guests and holidays.  I am all about having people over and holidays, but I don’t think it needs to conflict with minimalism.  Like most things I think that minimalism makes entertaining and holidays easier 🙂

Here are three things to consider.


Simple Camping is Way More Fun

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I have wanted to post about this since last March but somehow it got pushed in my posting schedule down to now.  Just in time for labor day here in the USA 🙂 I want to talk about simple camping but really the same applies to any kind of vacation … and maybe just a trip to the park.

Simple Camping

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that minimalism benefits all areas of the life.  It just pops up in different areas and I like sharing what I am seeing.  I have mixed feelings about this idea because in a lot of ways it makes me frustrated that people miss it — and miss out.  It is almost a crime to me to have people waste valuable vacation 😉


What Will People Think!?!

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A while ago I got an e-mail from a reader who asked me to post on what others around me thought when we first adopted minimalism.  It isn’t a bad question (and I am sorry it took so long to get it in the posting schedule).  What Will People Think!?!

Somehow in society we are taught to ‘dress for success’ but then not to worry about what people think.  How does this fit together?

When adopting minimalism, asking the question ‘What will people think?’ is very real.


Would You Try Everyday Parties?


Are you struggling to live a minimalist life?  Struggling to live in the present?  Always waiting for the ‘next’ thing to be accomplished? to arrive?  or to ruin your life?  We only live now.  We can’t live in the past or in the future, so why do we spend so much time thinking, planning, and worrying about it?

I struggle.  My memory is poor so the past isn’t a problem.  Instead I struggle with living in the future.  Goals and anticipation are good, they give us direction and a reason to keep going, but they are still not reality.  I want my main focus to be reality — the present.

So why not give some attention to the present?  Get it noticed!