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Category: My Simple Living

Using minimalist ideas to create a simple life. What does a minimalist house look like? How did I declutter? What do the kids think of the minimalism ideals? This is the story about how my family and I have traveled through the minimalism process.

Big News #2

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Last month was pretty exciting with Big News #1. This is a continuation … though unrelated…

I love news and surprises and this is another thing I have been really excited to share with you!

Our simple living is making a big change…

….we are getting rid of a bunch more stuff because…


What We Own Update – Our Minimalist Living

our dinning room - minimalist home, simple living, organizationMy previous post about ‘exactly’ what we own has (by far) been the most popular post on this blog.

I figured I would post an update because we have gotten settled and cleared out more. We love our little apartment!

If your new to the blog (welcome!), we are a family of 4 (kids are 9 and 5) who have downsized from 2000 square feet to a small 1 bedroom apartment.

Come on in!  Have a cup of tea and a cookie and let me show you around.  This is what we own:


A Random Update … on me – dreads and driving

So no deep thoughts in this post, just an update on what is going on over here…. if you are interested 🙂

For the last year-ish (about 10 months to be exact) I have been playing with having my hair in dreads.  I have always wanted to try them out and think they look soooo cool.

So last Feb, when we were snowed in one weekend, Bryon put dreads in my hair.  (he is the most amazing man ever… it took him two days).  The basic idea behind dreads is to get your hair to form tight knots (think mats on a stray animal) in a somewhat organized fashion.  There is a whole culture out there with lots of opinions on the right way to do it, but most commonly recognized is just back-combing sections of hair (think bangs that stood up straight in the 80’s).


Interview with the Kids

simple living, minimalist living

My daughter wanted me to take a bunch of pictures with her and I have been playing with some different editing techniques.  These are pictures I took of them at the park last week. … most are of Lily because Ian was hiding and running.

A few weeks ago it was mentioned in the comments that I should ask the kids some questions.  I do all the writing on here (except for a post by Lily last fall and maybe some more when school starts again).

What do the kids think about minimalism?

Lets ask them:

Me: What is minimalism?


Minimalist Living — What We Own

There is a revised post of what we owned before we started traveling here – Minimalist Living – What We Own Now.

Want to come wander through our minimalist apartment?  We are pretty social people and would love to have you over, but it is a bit far to travel for most of you.  This way is probably not too exciting but I get a lot of questions about what we actually do own.  …so here is the nitty-gritty.

Our simple minimalist living – summer 2012

Let me take you on a tour of sorts.

First here is the living room