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Category: My Simple Living

Using minimalist ideas to create a simple life. What does a minimalist house look like? How did I declutter? What do the kids think of the minimalism ideals? This is the story about how my family and I have traveled through the minimalism process.

Minimalist Living – Loving Small Family Spaces

Minimalist Living -- Families in small spacesSuper amazing pic by my hubby

Our minimalist living has taken us as a family farther than we originally anticipated but we are really enjoying it.   It is thinking outside the box a bit for most people but it is really worth it.

I wanted to write out some of the reasons we have chosen an even smaller space even though we are a family of four.  Not only is it possible but there are perks 🙂


Simple Living – Take 2

Our major move toward simple living was about 14 months ago.  We moved out of our house into a two bedroom apartment.

We were adopting simple living and minimalism

We went from about 2000 sq feet to about 900.  Here is a picture of our move last spring:

Here is our moving truck and my dancing children.  Such cuties 🙂

What we moved with us filled our 2 bedroom apartment and  a 1 stall garage.

I really thought we had become minimalist.




This blogging thing is still pretty new to me and I have some confessions I need to get off my chest.  Maybe just clarifications.  First off I want to thank-you so much for coming and reading.  I am having a blast with Loving Simple Living and meeting you through e-mail, and comments has been even more fun.  (I totally love those of you who come and read without leaving a trace too, we can still be friends).