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Category: My Simple Living

Using minimalist ideas to create a simple life. What does a minimalist house look like? How did I declutter? What do the kids think of the minimalism ideals? This is the story about how my family and I have traveled through the minimalism process.

We Unplugged

Between April 3 and 9 I participated in The Big Unplug started by The Minimalist Mom.  I am all about simple living and believe that electronics can get in the way.  I believe it is good to take a good look at the addiction ever once and awhile to evaluate what and how much electronics  is benefiting me.


The Big Unplug

Starting tomorrow I will be unplugged for a week with:

The Big Unplug

I found this on The Minimalist Mom’s website several weeks ago and it sounded like something I needed do.  I have been spending more and more time online building my blog and working on getting my book out and it is becoming more of my life than I want it to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and working on these projects.  The problem comes when technology becomes a habit instead of a tool.  Does that happen to you sometimes?  Do you find yourself wandering around your inbox or social networking looking for loose ends to work on instead of other ‘real life’ places?  Sitting on my bed with my warm laptop on my knee is becoming more of a habit than I want it to be.


I am unplugging for the next week.  (don’t worry, I have scheduled posts ahead so you shouldn’t miss me too much :))  The rules are: