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Category: Simple Challenge

Trouble with organizing? Organization? Need some help toward Simple Living and maybe even Minimalist living? This is the place.

Simple Challenge #12 – Ship it out

How did the last double challenge go? How have the challenges in general been going?  What have been your favorite and most challenging so far?

The purse and the book were both fun for me last week.  I found a new purse and I just got a book from one of my favorite authors.  (I plan out the challenges several months ahead, so I got lucky on timing 🙂)


Simple Challenge #11 – Double Challenge

How do your counter-tops look? I got back from vacation this week and my kitchen had some crazy times.  First all the unpacking and sorting, then all the restocking (we had nothing to eat in the house… I even had my fridge turned off to save electricity while we were gone), and Thanksgiving cooking.

However, nothing belongs on my kitchen counters and there is a special kind of sanity joy that comes from cleaned off kitchen counters.  …I might not have my life figured out or under control, but I can get my kitchen counter-tops cleaned off 🙂

I wanted to also clarify this past challenge based on feedback I received.  As a minimalist and focusing on simple living in this blog I am focusing on having less things – not having more organized things, or hiding things.  The point of this past challenge was for visual minimalism as well as a push to clean out extra kitchen clutter (on the counter or in cupboards where space needed to be created) that would be removed from the house for good.

An organized house is better than a disorganized house, but a simple house with less stuff is even better 🙂 (tweet this)

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Simple Challenge #10 – Ready for Thanksgiving

How did the last simple challenge go?  I learned that the most cluttered part of my life… by far… was my computer.  I spent the better part of 3 days cleaning off both computers and our extra hard drive.  Since we are traveling now it has worked good to do in the car.   It is amazing how many extra files and programs get collected on the computer when I am working on it all the time.  yikes.. but now my computer ‘closets’ are all cleaned out, working quicker, and are easier to use.

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