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Category: Simple Challenge

Trouble with organizing? Organization? Need some help toward Simple Living and maybe even Minimalist living? This is the place.

Simple Challenge #9 – Digital Clutter

How did you do with your phone?  Were you able to leave it, or turn it off when you didn’t need it last week?

I have barely used my phone at all for the past few weeks, it has been great.

… however I have gotten into a bad habit of playing my husband’s iphone games on his phone while he is driving, so it will probably good when we get home for him to take it with him during the day again.  I am reminded that I really can’t handle a smart phone.

Ready for this week’s challenge?  … this is the biggest challenge for me personally yet.


Simple Challenge #7 – Outside Clutter

What closet did you clean out last week?  What did you find?

Because we have been on the road for over two weeks now the only closet I can clean out is the car.  I did that Monday… and it seems I need to do it every few days because stuff gets so messed up.  After packing up 6 times now we have gotten better at packing the car as well 🙂

Ready for your next challenge?


Simple Challenge #6 – Closet

How did the last challenge go?  Were you able to limit e-mail to once a day? (or a different goal you set)  E-mail is a big challenge for me.

I managed to check only once a day all week except Monday… I checked 3 times Monday but I only returned e-mails once.  I am really enjoying vacation for this.  At home the computer sits there and I get on and off to work on my writing all day because that is the only way I can fit it in around the kids school work and .. parenting in general.  Somehow, every time I sit down I feel like I need to check e-mail and it kills valuable work time.  Hopefully during this trip I can break that.

Ok, moving on quickly to Challenge #6 because I am having trouble finding internet up in the mountains this weekend:


Simple Challenge #5


How did the challenge go last week?  Did you sell something?

We have been trying to get stuff done all week and leave on vacation.  I found 5 printer ink cartridges from an old computer that I wanted to sell… but couldn’t figure out where I could list it that would still make it worth while after I paid for shipping.  Instead I donated them to Goodwill.  We have made 2 donation runs this past week 🙂

Lily sold something!  She sold a skirt that she didn’t wear anymore to ‘Once Upon a Child’ and they gave her $2.80 for it.

Ready for this weeks challenge?