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Category: Simple Challenge

Trouble with organizing? Organization? Need some help toward Simple Living and maybe even Minimalist living? This is the place.

Simple Challenge #4


Welcome to Simple Challenge.  I just planned out challenges for the rest of the year last night and I am excited 🙂

So the No Spend week was harder than I thought.   I hadn’t done any grocery shopping for the week because we were going camping… and I could only plan so far.  We got back Sunday afternoon to empty cupboards and with only a half gallon of gas.  On top of that my husband REALLY wanted to order a new pair of glasses because his were really scratched.  (he threw his last good pair out the window.  He turned around and stopped to go get them, but just before he was able to run into oncoming traffic someone ran over them…or such is the story he told me).


Simple Challenge #3 – $$


How did the challenge go last week?  How did your spice cupboard look?

I went through mine last Friday.  Pulled everything out, and put everything back in.  I have cinimmon sticks from 2 years ago but going into the winter I love them in hot chocolate and pumpkin spiced coffee 🙂  I am not sure what the shelf life on them is.  Otherwise nothing in there more than 2 years old.

Ready for this week?


Simple Challenge #2 – Spice it up


Hey there,

How did you do on last weeks challenge?

I already have a pretty small wardrobe but when I went through I ended up putting away 2 dresses, sandals, and a shirt.  I also got rid of a swim suit(plus cover-up) and 1 shirt (that I have held onto forever because it looks alright but I hate wearing it).  Down 7 things! 🙂

I love as little as possible in the closet because it makes it easier to keep neat and easier to find what to wear. I have a pair of khakis and a that I haven’t worn for a while, but otherwise I have worn everything in my closet in the past month.

Ready for your next challenge?


Action Needed


I am a very antsy and maybe an easily distracted person but it really bugs me that we do more talk than action – generally speaking as humans.  It is often easier to talk, dream, write about an idea than it is to do it.  But life is all about Action Needed.

There is a place for talk, reading, dreaming (and it feels wrong for me to write about this because I am a writer) but we need to put more into application than we do into theory.  Thinking and dreaming is fun, action often means uncomfortable change.