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Simple eating for both body and world comes down to vegan eating. What is vegan? Who are vegans? Come by and we will talk about it. Includes vegan recipes and pictures as well as tips for being a vegan.

Simple Menu vs Eating Materialism

Simple Menu - Minimalist Living - Simple Living - Home OrganizationImage: Suat Eman

 A few months ago while reading the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess I was hit with another area where we (as a society) are far from simple…. we sure don’t have a simple menu.

Not only are we hoarders… often letting things sit in packed cupboards or shelves for months/years, but we are also materialistic.

We are always running for the new, shiny, more expensive, bigger and better options.

Sure, we can talk about full clothes closets that take our time and money, but it is possible that our kitchens, menu, and the way we eat has become just as cluttered…

…or even more cluttered.

  • Do we need minimalism in our eating?
  • What should minimalist eating look like?

Is this going too far, or is it one of the most important areas of our life?


Simple Homemade Cleaner – Works Amazing!


Hate cleaning the grimy stuff…like the shower?  Putting off scrubbing the fridge?

Hate the chemicals and the price of the clearers that actually work?

A few months ago I posted about simple homemade natural cleaners.  I have been cleaning with these cleaners for the past few years and have been happy with them except for the tough jobs.

That changed last week :)!!


Super Simple Suppers – Fried Rice

Welcome to Super Simple Suppers.  Every Thursday I share a vegan recipe that can be made with a simple kitchen.  I do all my cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen with just a few cupboards and minimal counter space.  There are times I wish it was bigger, but I like how it keeps me cleaning as I go so I never end up with a huge kitchen mess at the end of the day.

Today we are doing a vegan fried rice.