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Category: Simple Eating Blog

Simple eating for both body and world comes down to vegan eating. What is vegan? Who are vegans? Come by and we will talk about it. Includes vegan recipes and pictures as well as tips for being a vegan.

Super Simple Suppers – Baked Potato

Welcome to Super Simple Suppers!  On this Thursday series I am sharing simple vegan meal ideas that can be made in a minimalist kitchen.  Check the recipe page for lots more great ideas.

Today is pretty simple. Baked potatoes are a gold mine for a simple, nutritional, filling meal.  My husband is a big gravy guy so this time we did them up with a garlic dill gravy.   They are also great with chili.  Click through for the recipe.


Simply Super Suppers – Vegan ‘meat’balls

My husband doesn’t like spaghetti but will sometimes let it pass if I make meatballs like this.  Often, like this week, we are just eating the meatballs by themselves because they are good. Lots of vegetarian meatballs have lots of eggs and cheese in them. While that tastes good 🙂  here is a vegan option that also works.  I use this recipe when I have bread crumbs to use up.  Whenever bread starts getting a bit old in the fridge I grind it in the blender and store it in the freezer to use in recipes like this.

Meatball Ingredients