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Category: Vegan Simple Eating Recipes

What is a vegan? Learn about being a vegan with these easy-to-follow simple vegan recipes.

Simple Homemade Cleaner – Works Amazing!


Hate cleaning the grimy stuff…like the shower?  Putting off scrubbing the fridge?

Hate the chemicals and the price of the clearers that actually work?

A few months ago I posted about simple homemade natural cleaners.  I have been cleaning with these cleaners for the past few years and have been happy with them except for the tough jobs.

That changed last week :)!!


Super Simple Suppers – Fried Rice

Welcome to Super Simple Suppers.  Every Thursday I share a vegan recipe that can be made with a simple kitchen.  I do all my cooking in a tiny apartment kitchen with just a few cupboards and minimal counter space.  There are times I wish it was bigger, but I like how it keeps me cleaning as I go so I never end up with a huge kitchen mess at the end of the day.

Today we are doing a vegan fried rice.  


Super Simple Suppers – Baked Potato

Welcome to Super Simple Suppers!  On this Thursday series I am sharing simple vegan meal ideas that can be made in a minimalist kitchen.  Check the recipe page for lots more great ideas.

Today is pretty simple. Baked potatoes are a gold mine for a simple, nutritional, filling meal.  My husband is a big gravy guy so this time we did them up with a garlic dill gravy.   They are also great with chili.  Click through for the recipe.