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Category: Simple Home School

How do home schools fit in a simple life? How can minimalism be applied to kids and teaching? Using minimalist ideas to narrow down what truly needs to be learned and cutting out extra clutter. Simple home school to us has been a journey that is far from over, but we would love to share what we have been learning.

Socialization Troubles

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I have been reading through Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s book  ‘The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook‘.  This is the most straight talking and reassuring book yet that I have read about homeschool.  The book talks very strongly against schooling that burns out parents and kids way to early.  ….and it is very easy to feel behind, inadequate, and burned out quickly in the homeschool experience.

I wanted to share some of their socialization stuff that was really good.


Elementary Economics

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Money is a big deal in our house.  We just like it 🙂  My dad is an accountant, my husbands dad is an accountant, both my husband and I have degrees in business and have always been entrepreneurial.   …they kids probably didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

I have been teaching the kids about money the same as I was taught when I was their age.  They get a specific amount for allowance.  They can make more money by doing extra school work and they lose money (by the penny) for not obeying.  Just like real life, money is tied into work ethic and behavior.


Relearning School

I just started the book ‘The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook‘ by Dr.Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  I am also studying their website.

In the three years since starting to homeschool I feel like most of my time has been un-learning and figuring the process out.

First, things like:

  • sitting in a desk
  • having a fully structured day
  • working on assignments in all classes
  • testing

…and more I have come to see as necessary in a classroom setting but not necessary to children learning.