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Dumplings… and our China life

Dumplings - Simple Living ChinaI have to say that I came to China expecting rice to be a main part of the diet.  I was excited about it because I like rice, my kids eat rice, and I can cook rice.

However, when we got here, we realized that rice is more of a south China food.  Sure, there is rice here in the north, and we still eat it, but it is not the foundation of every meal like I had thought before.

What is big here is dumplings

It isn’t the foundation of every meal, but it is the specialty here.  When people have guests, or on special days, they make dumplings.  There are lots of little shops selling dumplings along the road.

And they are really good!


Beijing Rocks!

Simple Living China - BeijingLast weekend we made a fast trip to Beijing.

Took the fast train (300 km an hour) for the 400 km trip Friday after classes and explored for 2 days.

So fun!

A few years ago we studied Chinese history in our homeschool studies and the kids learned about the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.  It was all stories back then…

…. but last weekend they were standing on history!


My Birthday in China

Climbing the Mountains in China

I think this year might have been my coolest birthday yet.  It is already pretty cool to spend it in China, but we decided to make it an excuse to try and explore outside the city.

Traveling around our area is not easy for a foreigner.  There is little tourism and even less English.  The initial plan included us getting a bus out to the mountains after my last class Friday afternoon and staying at hotel for the weekend.  The problem was we couldn’t find a way to book the hotel we found, we couldn’t find it on a map, and when we asked students about how to get out there no one could tell us anything.


Life In China

China Gate

Welcome to our Simple ‘China’ Living 🙂

We have been getting settled in China, learning where to find food, how to teach English, …. and how to shake our heads to show we don’t understand what people are saying to us.

A few days ago we took a taxi down to get someone to work on our phone.  I brought the camera with me so I could take pictures on our walk back. Let me give you a tour… as best as I can.


What We Own … Now that we are Traveling

minimalist - organization - simple living - what we ownImage: Phaitoon

Just over a month ago I posted about what we owned as a minimalist (or simple living) family.

But a lot has changed in the last month.

Ever since we first started simplifying we dreamed of being able to live out of a backpack and travel…

…and just over 2 years since we started de-cluttering and making intentional changes it is now a reality!  We are in China and this post is about what we brought with us.

… we aren’t technically living out of backpacks… suitcases, but the idea is the same.

Here is what we brought with us and what we are storing…