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Category: Simple Living Weekly Challenges

Trouble with organizing? Organization? Need some help toward Simple Living and maybe even Minimalist living? Check out these easy step-by-step challenges to help you work toward your goal.

Simple Living Challenge Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

Ready for another month of simple living habit creation?  Have you been following along for the last few months?

If you are new to the blog feel free to join in today or take a look at what we have been up to.  

The basic idea is to create simple living habits, each week of the month we do a different challenge.  Each of the 4 weeks is something that needs to be continually happening in simple living so if you do them each once a month you will be set.  …but back to this week.

Week 1 is the big cleaning out week!

… and the challenge for this month could end up being a big one..



Simple Living Challenge Week 3

Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

Simple Living Challenge #3 is to sell and/or organize.  Last month the challenge included Project 333.  This month I wanted to talk about an area we missed for quite a while in our simplifying.

Some items that can be sold are easy to spot.  Furniture was one we noticed right away, if it was big and we didn’t need it, than it got sold.

But the smaller stuff took us longer to find and still made quite a bit of money.



Simple Living Challenge Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

Welcome to the second month of our Simple Living Challenges!

Week 1 of the month is all about decluttering – removing trash and donating or giving away things that aren’t adding to our life.

Last month we focused on files and Christmas decorations.  We got rid of 4 bags!

This month lets look in another area. Turn on some music and get ready to work.