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Category: Simple Living Weekly Challenges

Trouble with organizing? Organization? Need some help toward Simple Living and maybe even Minimalist living? Check out these easy step-by-step challenges to help you work toward your goal.

Simple Living Challenge Week 4

Simple Living Minimalist ChallengesImage: by antpkr

 Welcome to Simple Living Challenge Week 4.  We are making habits for the new year, one for each week of the month.

How have the last weeks challenges gone?  New to Simple Living?  Feel free to start with this challenge but if you want to get caught up you can check out challenge 1, 2, and 3.

Now grab a pencil and get ready for Challenge 4!


Simple Living Challenge Week 3

Simple Living Challenges Minimalist LivingImage: by digitalart

We are already into week 3 of the simple living challenges!  I am excited.  Are you?

If you are new to Loving Simple Living you can start the simple challenges at any point, but if you are interested in what we have been doing you can check out Week 1 and Week 2.

Our goal with these challenges is to create habits in three main areas of simple or minimalist living.  We are now to our 3rd habit.



Simple Living Challenge Week 2

I hope you are ready for the Simple Challenge week 2.  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Week 1 and the challenge we worked on last week.

As a reminder, these challenges are designed to help create habits.  No matter where you are on your simple living journey, the beginning or already simplified, there is something in these challenges for you.  Together we are making habits that will benefit our lives!

I have to say this is my favorite part of Simple Living…


Simple Challenge Week 1

Image: by ohn Kasawa

Simple living and minimalism … really intentional living, is about habits.  We choose the way we want to live, we practice it, and it becomes a habit.  And a good (intentional) habit is a powerful and amazing thing!

In both my simple living journey, and in what I want to share with you, I want to do more than declutter… I want you to make simple living practices a habit.

With this in mind I am going to try something new with the Simple Challenges.  Starting this week each of the 4 weeks of the month will have a different challenge theme. I will post on the theme every Monday for that week.  The themes will be the same every month but the challenges will change as you simplify and grow.  Hopefully we will all make some great habits together 🙂

Ready for the first challenge?