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Copyright and Permissions

Everything posted on this blog is the intellectual property of Lorilee Lippincott.  All content is original except quotes where noted.

Use of this content:

I am flattered that you would like to share this content.  Please follow these guidelines.

Without permission

  • quote this article up to 8 sentences with credit given to Lorilee Lippincott and the home page of Loving Simple Living linked
  • sharing post on any social media using the link (please do!)
  • use of pictures where photo credit has been given.  If photo credit is listed (below the picture or at the bottom of the post).  Make sure to credit the photo to the original source.  Most of my pictures that aren’t mine are from free photo websites or my husband.  Feel free to use my husbands photo, even if it isn’t specifically listed on his site as long as you credit his site with a link.

With permission (please e-mail lovingsimpleliving(at)gmail(dot)com)

  • quoted text above 8 sentences
  • my pictures

Please do not repost full articles on any other site.

Thanks 🙂

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