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Declutter Clinic


Flirting with the idea of decluttering?

Moving out a few bags at a time but it isn’t making the difference you want?

Wish you had someone with experience to offer encouragement and guidance?

Keep coming up with excuses?

Aren’t sure what to toss and what to keep?

Overwhelmed and really wish you could just walk away from the whole mess?

…then this is the course for you!

I am really excited to tell you about Declutter Clinic by Warren and Betsy Talbot.  I have gone through the whole program and I love it!   When we decluttered it took over 2 years and we had to figure out a lot of this information on our own.  I wish I had access to something like this program when we started to declutter because I know it would have saved us a lot of time and stress

What is the Declutter Clinic?

Declutter Clinic is an online course for decluttering your whole house.  But it is much more than just a course, it is the closest thing you can get to hiring a coach.  (have questions, comments, problems, silly insights, you can write and share with them)

It is practical, easy to follow, personal, humorous, and effective.

Way more than just talking about stuff they have specific training for:

  1. Mentally dealing with clutter (sometimes the biggest barrier)
  2. How and where to get rid of the stuff you are cleaning out
  3. Systems for staying organized and keeping your life decluttered
  4. Specific room-by-room breakdowns for some of the toughest rooms

Even though I have already decluttered down to a few suitcases I learned a bunch from each of these sections.

Grab it now!

The format of the course includes lots of video as well as audio lessons with PDF transcripts so you can choose how you get your information.  All the check-sheets and assignments are beautifully created and easy to print and follow.


Who are Warren and Betsy Talbot?

Honestly, I have read a bunch by Warren and Betsy Talbot and I love them (Betsy’s book on Fear is really good).  Back on September 1, 2008 they decided to make a change to their life.  They sold and saved for 25 months and left their home to start traveling on October 1, 2010.  They have been living their dream life ever since and are committed to help others.

They were a huge inspiration to us because we were just starting to declutter and figure out what kind of life we wanted the winter of 2010.  Reading their stories, and their books really helped us as we decluttered and cut back.

They are quick to point out that everyone’s dream isn’t travel.  However, what is often between us and our dream life is our stuff.  ….even though it is hard to admit.  The stuff we have, the stuff we keep purchasing, and the stuff we wish we had.

It is this barrier of stuff that the Declutter Clinic helps you deal with.

You can find them on their blog Married With Luggage.

What do I get?

Purchasing the Declutter Clinic gets you access to the full online course.  If you would prefer to read it, you can also print the course along with all the assignments and check-sheets.

The course is set up self-paced so you can go through the information at your speed.  You can also go back and re-read or print any of it to use as you declutter.

If you are like me, you might go through and do several waves of decluttering as you get a feel for your lifestyle and this course can help you each time.


Is it worth the price?

Yes 🙂  It is definitely worth the $149.  This is not a new book on de-cluttering it is a full class, proven methods, practical assignments and online coaching.  For what is included, it is a huge deal!

  • With their tools on selling your stuff they guarantee you will make back the price of the course and probably a bunch more.
  • The tools in their course will help save you money in new purchases… easily… for most families you can save the cost of the course in a week or less.
  • Typical online classes often cost hundreds of dollars and make far less difference in the way you live your life
  • Life or organizational coaching could cost this in 1-2 hours (or less) and the Declutter Clinic takes you from the beginning of your decluttering project to the end.  …as many times as you need to go through the process.  Not only that, you can get your specific questions answered by e-mail.

Find out more about Declutter Clinic (link)

(the link above will take you to the Declutter Clinic site)

Note: There are affiliate links in this post.  However, this is not a paid review.  I received a complimentary pre-view copy of the course but did not have to post about it.  I follow and really enjoy Warren and Betsy Talbot and am sharing this with you because I honestly think it is an awesome project.  Enjoy!