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Thanks so much for coming by! I am flattered and excited you are here. Loving Simple Living started as a way to create a simple (or another simple) corner on the internet where we all can hang out and encourage one another.  Where we can feel free to be ourselves, and where we are not defined by what we have accomplished, or should accomplish.  A place where we can rest and enjoy the moment.  ah, just sounds good.

This site, because it is based on simplicity, is not covered with ads or sponsored in any way.  I don’t like pop-ups and all the crazy colors and I am sure you don’t either.  … yuck!

This site is, instead, reader supported.  All posts I have on site is created for, and offered free.  If you enjoy it and want to help out, it would be simply awesome.

2 ways you can support

Affiliate sales – If you are going to be out shopping at any of these places, you can click through one of the links on my site (these or anywhere else on the site) and I get a small percentage of the purchase price.  Super Simple Support! Thanks!

Donations – Want to drop a few dollars to say thanks?  This donate button will take you to Paypals secure site.


Happy Reading!


P.S.  I would love to hear from you if you like the site or have any suggestions or ideas.