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Sign-Up To Receive Loving Simple Living E-book

if you see this note please refresh page.  It didn’t load right 🙁


  1. Brenda Brenda

    Good for you! Sign me up.

  2. Connie Connie

    I signed up for the free e-book and received the email with the link, but when I clicked on the link I got “an invalid code” message.

    Great website!

    • thanks so much for coming by! Good to meet you 🙂 Sorry you ran into that problem, I have e-mailed you a copy of the book.

  3. Christine Christine

    Sorry, can’t sign up, would like to read your free articles though… Love your website, many good tips! Thanks for blogging…

    • sent it to your e-mail. Sorry, it has been hitting a few bugs lately.

  4. Hi Lorilee,

    I read your blog as many as I can and love your ideas about simple living. If it’s possible to receive the e-book, it would be fantastic, as I intent to practice simple living a lot more in this new year.

    thanks a lot for your words!


  5. Ally Ally

    Would love a copy if your ebook – great web site!

    • were you able to sign up and get access? Sometimes the site goofs. Send me an e-mail if you ran into trouble.

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