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Super Simple Living Blogs

Welcome to my Super Simple Living Blogs! The following are blogs I follow because they are intentional.  They are people in some way, living their own life.

Minimalist Lifestyle

Amazing Travel Bloggers

  • Married with Luggage – love their ‘kick ass’ approach.  These two don’t mince any words.
  • Exile Lifestyle – traveler, writer, this guy is super well branded and you can’t not like him.  He could go under minimalism too.
  • The Art Of Backpacking – This is a beautiful place where all cool people (travel people) can sit down with a cup of tea for hours.
  • Sean Ogle – This guy is working and traveling around and has so much info on what and how he does it all.  I have spent long hours on his site trying to learn his wisdom.

Simply Fun People

…Simply More

  • My hubby’s site – he is the best photographer in the world.  Specifically he has been working with HDR and texture photography lately.
  • Smallish Blog – Evelyn calls herself the lady of the shoebox.  Also a mother of 2 living even smaller than we are.
  • My daughters blog – She hasn’t been updating this much lately but I am wanting to work with her more on it.

There you have it.  I am always looking for more.  If you have one you love that isn’t on the list let me know 🙂